FaveCrafts.com Articles /rss-feed Articles on the FaveCrafts.com web site Thu, 12 Nov 2020 15:04:20 CST lols10ܾע mollywhyte.com Copyright 2020, FaveCrafts.com All rights reserved. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) support@tigrehq.com (FaveCrafts.com Support Dept.) en-us Articles Upcycled Mandala Serving Dish Thu, 12 Nov 2020 15:04:20 CST /Edible-Crafts/Easy-Upcycle-Mandala-Serving-Dish "There are these moments that you open your capboards in your kitchen and you see it! No, I am not talking about the mess, because we are excellent on storing things, but I am talking about the old things that you have kept and you do not use them. Like the old serving dish I had in blue and white. Maybe you liked it in the past, but now you consider it not your taste and you keep hiding it in the capboard. So, it is time to decide... through it away or upcycle it? For me the decision was obvious...the second choice please! It is diy time! DIY Upcycled Mandala Serving Dish!!!!" admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 471612 at www.favecrafts.com Edible Crafts Upcycled Scrap Sweater Ball Garlands Thu, 12 Nov 2020 14:30:02 CST /Green-Crafting/Upcycled-Scrap-Sweater-Ball-Garlands-83463 I find it hard to sit still and I'm a bit of a fidget so I love crafts that I can do in front of the TV. This is one of those crafts as it doesn't take much concentration and before you know it, you will have a bowl of sweater balls. As well as being a fun easy craft it is practically free as you just use an old sweater or felt scraps to make these super cute balls. Which you can then string into ornaments and a colourful garland. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549248 at www.favecrafts.com Green Crafting Fair Isle Crochet Ornament Thu, 12 Nov 2020 14:10:10 CST /Crochet/Fair-Isle-Crochet-Ornament-83459 Looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-make-for friend or relative? The Fair Isle Crochet Christmas Ornament is the perfect thing to make for that person on your list who has everything. It uses only single crochet in the round and is worked in the back loops only. The color work is worked as tapestry crochet with a chart. Finished size is approximately 3" in diameter. This is an intermediate pattern due to the color changing nature, but is a simple project if you know how to change colors in crochet. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549247 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Watercolor Poncho Thu, 12 Nov 2020 10:50:02 CST /Knitting/Watercolor-Poncho-83453 Every wardrobe needs a signature piece like this cozy knit poncho. It features trendy stripes and an oversized tassel belt, so you'll look great on the outside, and feel like you're cozied up in a blanket on the inside. With its loose oversized fit and open front, it will pair with almost any top in your closet. The light texture and bold colors make it the perfect piece for everything from a photoshoot to cozying up at a bonfire. Made of two rectangles sewn together, it's a great starter pattern for knitters looking to get into garment-making. The detailed step-by-step tutorial in this printable PDF will walk you through this poncho knitting pattern with ease. /PATTERN DETAILS • Beginner-friendly • Made out of two simple rectangles • Open front and sides with belt closure • Loose-fitting • Size: This pattern is 1 size fits all, adjustable belt position • Illustrated step-by-step photos /MATERIALS • 5 mm / US 8 needles • Royal Zeeman worsted weight yarn (100g, 100% Acrylic, 241 m / 264 yds) o 1 skein in light pink o 1 skein in burgundy o 1 skein in blue o 2 skeins in yellow o 3 skeins in green o 3 skeins in variegated white and grey • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549238 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting Chrysanthemum Granny Square Thu, 12 Nov 2020 08:00:02 CST /Crochet/Chrysanthemum-Granny-Square-83446 Chrysanthemums or mums are an absolute fall favourite so why not immortalise them in a granny square. Crochet this intermediate pattern with links to youtube videos for the more challenging rounds and learn how to make the individual petals. This square is part of the FALL IN NEW ENGLAND pillow, which will a focal feature of your home’s fall deco. Crochet all four designs, to complete the cushion. Please note this pattern also features in the full Fall in New England Cushion pattern that will be released later this Autumn. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549231 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Medic Gnome - Crochet A Tribute Thu, 12 Nov 2020 07:50:03 CST /Crochet/Medic-Gnome--Crochet-A-Tribute-83443 What says 2020 than our wonderful medics, who are dedicated to fighting coronavirus? That is why I decided to make a tribute medic gnome complete with mask and stethascope. I worked mine in the pale blue that is common in English hospitals, but you can work yours in the colour that the medics wear in your local hospital or ward. You can use a recycled cork and some scrap yarn to crochet up this gnome using simple dc (sc) stitches. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549230 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Free Christmas Word Search Printable For Kids And Adults Wed, 11 Nov 2020 17:40:06 CST /Crafting-with-Kids/Free-Christmas-Word-Search-Printable-For-Kids-And-Adults-83425 How is your family going to celebrate the holidays this year? With social distancing, our upcoming holiday may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate. We will be sharing fun and festive crafts and activities for your family to do together this holiday season and we wanted to share this printable Christmas word search. Celebrate the holiday season with this fun and free Christmas Word Search Printable. Print it and do it together with your family! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549215 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Diy Print At Home Holiday Cards For Teachers Wed, 11 Nov 2020 12:20:03 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Diy-Print-At-Home-Holiday-Cards-For-Teachers-83403 Free printable foldable notecards for teachers, school bus drivers, or any school staff that you want to appreciate. This year has been super busy for Teachers especially and you can easily print these cards at home and add a gift card to your favorite store inside. Pop into an envelope and you have a quick gift. Easily print as many of these cards you need at home and have your kids add a quick note inside. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549191 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Monster Mask Clips Wed, 11 Nov 2020 11:20:10 CST /Crochet/Monster-Mask-Clips-83400 Finally have a cute and practical place for your mask when not wearing it. Designed by a teacher who kept seeing her students’ masks on the floor and getting dirty. With the simple stitches, easy construction and fun crafty supplies from your stash, you can make a monster with a lot of personality. Instructions include a complete photo tutorial with inspiration of how to decorate your own little monster. Monsters can clip to your bag, purse or jacket so your mask is always handy and clean! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549187 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Petaled Pan Protector Wed, 11 Nov 2020 11:00:08 CST /Crochet/Petaled-Pan-Protector-83396 Using post stitches in a creative yet simple way makes the flower at the center of this pan protector really pop! All you need is one ball of dishcloth cotton or partial skein of any acrylic yarn from your stash and size I/5.5mm hook. Pattern includes 3 sizes for this project to fit a variety of pans. This kitchen project is pretty and practical and makes a great teacher or neighbor gift – everyone has pans! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549182 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Mini-puppy Rose Wed, 11 Nov 2020 11:00:02 CST /Crochet/Mini-puppy-Rose-83398 This simple and quick project uses the popular velvet yarn to make a cute accessory for your puppy (or kitten) that slides on their regular collar. You’ll need a small amount of yarn, size J/6mm hook, some felt and a hot glue gun. Stitches used in this project are single crochet, slip stitch and half double crochet - simple enough for a confident beginner. There is even a short video tutorial to show how it’s done. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549180 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Denim Infinity Scarf Wed, 11 Nov 2020 10:50:07 CST /Crochet/Denim-Infinity-Scarf-83393 This scarf is made with Lion Brand’s Jeans yarn (although it can be made with any medium weight yarn) in Classic and Topstitch – great colors that go great with your favorite pair of jeans. The base of the scarf is crocheted with an easy textured stitch that repeats every other row and then simple decorative stripes are worked on top. You’ll love to wear and gift this project. This scarf is perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549179 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Easy Velvety Infinity Scarf Wed, 11 Nov 2020 10:40:05 CST /Crochet/Easy-Velvety-Infinity-Scarf-83391 Have you ever crocheted with velvet yarn? It is super soft and thick so your project turns out great quickly – so luxurious. And this project uses a very simple stitch that is perfect for even absolute beginners. The stitch also adds great texture. Along with the free written instructions there is also a video tutorial that shows you how to do the special stitch and join the ends to complete this beautiful scarf. You'll want to make one for each of your friends! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549176 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Cable Holly Leaf Necklace Wed, 11 Nov 2020 08:20:09 CST /Crochet/Cable-Holly-Leaf-Necklace-83383 Using a few cable stitches in a unique way turns the short rows into little holly leaves for Christmas. This necklace uses Size 3 yarn and an F/3.75mm hook and works up super fast. To add some sparkle glass faceted beads are used to make up the strand around your neck. Never made crochet jewelry before? No problem! There is a complete video tutorial to take you through each step of the project to help you be successful. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549170 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Autumn Acorn Hot Pads Wed, 11 Nov 2020 08:20:01 CST /Crochet/Autumn-Acorn-Hot-Pads-83386 These hot pads not only protect your table they decorate it too just in time for fall and/or Thanksgiving. They are crocheted with a double-strand of dishcloth cotton and can also be used as pot holders. Project contains a variety of stitches including post stitches to give it the signature acorn cap texture. The written instructions include several photos to help you complete it well. You'll love how these look around your home and on your table! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549167 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Mandala Christmas Ornament Wed, 11 Nov 2020 08:10:02 CST /Crochet/Mandala-Christmas-Ornament-83382 Mandalas are relaxing to look at and look great on a Christmas tree or amongst your holiday décor. This project uses embroidery floss and a 1.5mm hook but can be made with larger yarn and a larger hook to learn the stitches. This ornament also combines a variety of sparkly craft supplies with the crochet to make a very unique and beautiful ornament you’ll love to have on your tree or give as a gift this Christmas. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549165 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Autumn Splendor Scarf Wed, 11 Nov 2020 08:00:11 CST /Crochet/Autumn-Splendor-Scarf-83377 This scarf always turns heads in the fall! Made with beautiful Unforgettable yarn by Red Heart and a simple cable stitch – it’s only a 2-row repeat! To make this scarf you should be familiar with how to crochet post stitches. Never done crochet cables before? No problem – there is also a video tutorial to show you each step of the stitch pattern. This scarf pattern is perfect for a gift or giving to charity. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549163 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Photo Snowflake Ornament Wed, 11 Nov 2020 08:00:05 CST /Crochet/Photo-Snowflake-Ornament-83379 Everyone loves snowflakes at Christmastime! And this one is more lovable with a photo of a friend or loved one inside. Project uses a small amount of Size 3 yarn and fabric stiffener. Simple stitches (sc, dc, chain, sl st) are used in the round so this is a good project for a beginner just starting out making circles. And to help you even more there is a complete video tutorial to take you from start to finish! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549161 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Barcode Crochet Poncho Pattern Wed, 11 Nov 2020 06:00:03 CST /Crochet/Barcode-Crochet-Poncho-Pattern-83375 The Barcode Crochet Poncho Pattern is a stylish, easy crochet garment to wear, perfect for layering in the Winter and for cool Summer evenings too. Crochet two matching textured crochet panels for the front and back which are seamed at the shoulders and sides. Add a front and back bottom cuff, a simple roll neck collar and you’re done! In sizes XS-5XL the poncho is great for everyone who loves simple, stylish and beautiful crochet garments. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549157 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Santa Beard Mask Wed, 11 Nov 2020 02:00:08 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Santa-Beard-Mask-83365 This Santa Beard mask crochet pattern is a modified version of the Santa Beard that I designed a couple of years ago. This crochet Santa mask is easy to make and can be finished in one evening! Materials: • Medium weight #4 yarn, color – white (A), beige (B). I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. • Crochet hook H/8 – 5 mm. Size: The beard part is about 8” long. Abbreviations: Ch(s) – chain(s) Loop St – loop stitch SC – single crochet Sl St(s) – slip stitch(s) St (s) – stitch (es) admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549154 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Printable Gingerbread Playdough Mats Tue, 10 Nov 2020 23:20:05 CST /Seasonal/Printable-Gingerbread-Playdough-Mats-83361 These printable Gingerbread Playdough Mats are a fun holiday activity for the kids and go perfectly with our easy gingerbread playdough recipe. Playing with playdough is a fun activity for preschool and kindergarten children. It helps them work on fine motor skills and explore their creativity. Using this set of playdough mats is a great way to set up a themed invitation to play. It also works well with other Christmas and holiday themed activities for at home or in the classroom. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549147 at www.favecrafts.com Seasonal Easy Gingerbread Scented Playdough Recipe Tue, 10 Nov 2020 23:00:02 CST /Holiday-Craft/Easy-Gingerbread-Scented-Playdough-Recipe-83356 Have some holiday fun making and playing with this easy gingerbread scented playdough recipe. Kids love playing with playdough and it's a great way for preschoolers to work on fine motor skills and strengthening their hands. I love being able to customize homemade playdough recipes with colors and scents. The smell of gingerbread always reminds me of Christmas. So, I thought the kids would enjoy playing with dough that looks and smells like gingerbread cookies! This no cook playdough recipe is simple to make and it's affordable because it does not use cream of tartar. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549140 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Lemon Peel Stitch Tutorial Tue, 10 Nov 2020 20:00:03 CST /Crochet/Lemon-Peel-Stitch-Tutorial-83327 This free lemon peel crochet stitch tutorial is an easy lesson to create a lovely textured crochet combination stitch from two beginner friendly basic stitches, the double crochet stitch and the single crochet stitch. This step by step guide will teach you to create this beautiful stitch worked both flat back and forth and in the round with written directions, photo instructions, and a stitch diagram. This stitch is wonderful to use for blankets, washcloths, and mop heads! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549116 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Pretty In Gingham Headband Tue, 10 Nov 2020 19:00:04 CST /Crochet/Pretty-In-Gingham-Headband-83307 Headbands are functional and fashionable - and they’re a great gifting opportunity! It’s a really fun and easy design that will show off your crafty skills and your fashion sense. This headband comes in 2 sizes and is very easy to make larger or smaller. You can even make it without the twist if you'd prefer that design. Pattern available to view on DivineDebris and there is a pdf available to purchase on a separate website. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549113 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:50:12 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Printable-Christmas-Scavenger-Hunt-83309 Make Christmas morning fun for the kids with this Christmas scavenger hunt! Grab the printable clues and get some ideas on how to use them. Traditions are wonderful and can add excitement to the holidays when life can feel rather hectic. They can also help when we’re grieving during the holidays. This year, along with your family’s usual Christmas morning traditions, consider using these Christmas scavenger hunt ideas! Print out these clues for a Christmas scavenger hunt to search for presents, stockings, or additional treats. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549111 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Christmas Tree Clay Pot Ornament Craft Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:40:02 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Christmas-Tree-Clay-Pot-Ornament-Craft-83319 These clay pot Christmas trees make great Christmas ornaments that you can hang year after year. I love that there are so many fun holiday themed craft projects to do this time of year! Easy craft projects are my favorite, and this one is simple to make with the kids. It works great as a classroom art project too! Children will have fun painting the little clay pots and transforming them into little decorated Christmas trees. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549103 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Reindeer Clay Pot Ornament Craft Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:30:14 CST /Holiday-Craft/Reindeer-Clay-Pot-Ornament-Craft-83311 This Reindeer Clay Pot Ornament is an adorable Christmas craft for kids! Transform small flower pots into cute reindeer in about 30 minutes. Preschool and kindergarten children will love making this craft at home or as a classroom project at school. Wouldn’t these look lovely on your Christmas tree? I love how simple these are to create with the kids. They are perfect for a classroom project to make homemade Christmas gifts too. Children will enjoy painting the clay pots and turning them into reindeer. It’s a great project to go along with reading Christmas picture books! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549102 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Kelsey Cowl Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:20:07 CST /Crochet/Kelsey-Cowl-83304 Go big with texture and versatility with the Kelsey Cowl. This design is an easy bottom up cowl that you can make larger or smaller, the multiple is listed in the pattern. The drawstring section adds a nice bit of design complexity but can be omitted if you’d like just a simple straight forward cowl. No matter how you make it, this design will make a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Multiple included in the pattern. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549097 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions For Kids Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:00:11 CST /Holiday-Craft/Printable-Thanksgiving-Would-You-Rather-Questions-For-Kids-83293 Add some fun dinner conversation with these printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather question cards for kids to answer. You can use these for a fun family game at home, during dinner, over a video call, or in the car. Do your kids love answering would you rather questions? Mine do! They are a great way to get conversations started too. Mixing in silly, absurd Thanksgiving theme questions like Would you rather swim in a bowl of gravy or cranberry sauce? along with regular questions such as Would you rather have apple pie or pumpkin pie? are a big hit. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549094 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Disney Right Left Christmas Game Printable Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:00:03 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Disney-Right-Left-Christmas-Game-Printable-83301 Add a bit of fun to your holiday party with this Disney Right Left Christmas Game Printable. If you are looking for a new way to exchange and pass gifts with your family on Christmas, then you’re in luck! Have you ever played a right-left-right game before? They are so much fun! This game works best with mystery gifts. They don’t have to be anything extravagant either. You could try wrapping up gift cards or assorted candy bars. Whenever the story says RIGHT or LEFT, everyone must pass their present in that direction. Once the story ends, open up the one you are holding and see what you got! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549091 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Printable Gratitude Thanksgiving Game For Family Tue, 10 Nov 2020 17:50:02 CST /Holiday-Craft/Printable-Gratitude-Thanksgiving-Game-For-Family-83298 Looking for a Thanksgiving game for family to play? This free Printable Gratitude Game is great for any family gathering, but is perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. I think it's important to teach my kids kindness, compassion, and gratitude. One of the best ways to do this is by example. Combining this with playing a family game is a wonderful way for them to learn without it feeling like a lesson. Even though we tend to talk a lot about showing gratitude and giving thanks during the month of November, this printable Gratitude Game can be played any time of year. It's a nice ice breaker to use at family holidays, but can also be played solo. Think of it as a new twist on keeping a gratitude journal! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549086 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Turkey Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft Tue, 10 Nov 2020 17:40:07 CST /Crafting-with-Kids/Turkey-Tissue-Paper-Suncatcher-Craft-83290 This turkey tissue paper suncatcher is a cute fall craft for kids. It's also an easy Thanksgiving craft to make at home or at school. It's the ideal project for preschoolers and kindergartners, but fun for kids of all ages. Making tissue paper turkey suncatchers is a fun and easy activity to do with your kids or students. It's a low prep activity too, especially with the printable turkey craft template. The turkeys are cute fall and Thanksgiving decorations. They look so pretty in the window with the sun shining through! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549085 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Wine Markers Tue, 10 Nov 2020 16:10:02 CST /Crochet/Wine-Markers-83287 Whip up these easy crochet holiday wine markers this holiday season! So cute and easy to make with this simple easy to follow pattern! Measures approx. 3″ X 3″. Materials: Medium worsted weight yarn, I used Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” Size F, 3.75 mm crochet hook Tapestry needle Small button, .5″ Sewing needle for button Abbreviations: ch- chain sc- single crochet hk- hook st(s)- stitch(es) sk- skip sl st- slip stitch Whip up these easy crochet holiday wine markers this holiday season! So cute and easy to make with this simple easy to follow pattern! Measures approx. 3″ X 3″. Materials: Medium worsted weight yarn, I used Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” Size F, 3.75 mm crochet hook Tapestry needle Small button, .5″ Sewing needle for button Abbreviations: ch- chain sc- single crochet hk- hook st(s)- stitch(es) sk- skip sl st- slip stitch Whip up these easy crochet holiday wine markers this holiday season! So cute and easy to make with this simple easy to follow pattern! Measures approx. 3″ X 3″. Materials: Medium worsted weight yarn, I used Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” Size F, 3.75 mm crochet hook Tapestry needle Small button, .5″ Sewing needle for button Abbreviations: ch- chain sc- single crochet hk- hook st(s)- stitch(es) sk- skip sl st- slip stitch Special stitches Puff stitch: Yarn over and insert hk in st, pull up a loop. Yarn over and insert hook in the same stitch, pull up another loop. Yarn over and insert hook in the same stitch one more time and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through all loops, 1 puff made. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549079 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Christmas Tree Size Sorting Printable Activity Tue, 10 Nov 2020 15:50:02 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Christmas-Tree-Size-Sorting-Printable-Activity-83285 Looking for Christmas themed sorting activities for kindergarten? This adorable Christmas tree size sorting printable is an easy hands on learning activity for preschool and kindergarten. Engaging kids in play helps them develop skills, like this Christmas tree sorting game. It makes a great no prep holiday math center activity for kindergarten students. Our printable Christmas tree sorting game perfect for incorporating the holidays into big and small sorting activities. This printable activity includes three mats and each one is labeled with a size: Large, Medium, Small. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549078 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Frozen Snowflake Sensory Bottle Tue, 10 Nov 2020 15:30:09 CST /Seasonal/Frozen-Snowflake-Sensory-Bottle-83278 This Frozen Snowflake Sensory Bottle is a pretty, no-mess sensory activity for kids. It's perfect to include in winter themed toddler activities and for fans of Disney's Frozen movies. Sensory bottles make a great quiet time indoor activity for kids. Sometimes they are also called calm down bottles or jars. It's easy to make your own snowflake sensory bottle and the kids could definitely help make it too. These are great for kids of all ages to play with, but can offer a safe, non-messy way for babies and toddlers to observe different objects as they move through the bottle. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549074 at www.favecrafts.com Seasonal Clay Pot Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft Tue, 10 Nov 2020 15:20:02 CST /Holiday-Craft/Clay-Pot-Turkeys-Thanksgiving-Craft-83277 These Clay Pot Turkeys are an adorable Thanksgiving craft for adults to make with the kids. Transform clay flower pots into cute DIY Thanksgiving decorations to place on your favorite shelf throughout fall. You can create these terra cotta pot turkeys in about 30 minutes. If you are making these with your children, they can help with measuring, tracing, and cutting. I love that overall this is a simple project to make cute homemade turkey decor. It’s a great Thanksgiving craft for adults and older kids since you’ll want to use a hot glue gun to assembly everything. If you want to work on these with younger children they can still help too! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549069 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft How To Make A Paper Snowflake Tue, 10 Nov 2020 08:49:27 CST /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-A-Paper-Snowflake-83229 Paper snowflakes are the most affordable option to decorate your home or Christmas tree for the New Year. Make snowflakes with your children. It's very simple, and let the child do something himself, and you will just help. Now a snowflake is a decoration for the New Year. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549026 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts How To Make A Wood Pedestal Tray Tue, 10 Nov 2020 08:42:54 CST /Christmas-Crafts/How-To-Make-A-Wood-Pedestal-Tray-83208 Wood pedestal tray, footed tray, table style tray, whatever you call them, these pretty farmhouse style risers are useful in so many ways and are fabulous for making your dcor stand out. Style them up as table centerpieces for parties or weddings. Use them as dessert or drink stands. Turn one into a coffee station for your kitchen, or even a cool desk accessory for your office. Wood pedestal trays are really inexpensive if you do it yourself. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549025 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Popsicle Stick Poppy Tue, 10 Nov 2020 08:35:11 CST /Crafting-with-Kids/Popsicle-Stick-Poppy-83198 An easy popsicle stick poppy kids craft for Remembrance Day, with a free poppy template (on our blog). Its easy to create and will get conversation flowing about why we observe this special day. All you need are some popsicle sticks, paint, construction paper and a button, a quick trip to the dollar store and youre set. This is a great craft for all ages, it's great for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549024 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Fashion Doll Pocket Shawl Tue, 10 Nov 2020 08:30:02 CST /Crochet/Fashion-Doll-Pocket-Shawl-83239 This crochet pattern will help you create a cute pocket shawl that will fit 12” fashion dolls. You will need 1 colour of DK yarn, a 4mm crochet hook and a tapestry needle. This quick pattern is beginner level with simple sewing required. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know ch, sc & dc. The pattern is 3 pages long and includes progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. Thank you admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549023 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Cutest Christmas Reindeer Handprint Craft With Rudolph's Red Nose Tue, 10 Nov 2020 08:29:59 CST /Kids-Holiday-Crafts/Cutest-Christmas-Reindeer-Handprint-Craft-83182 We love holiday handprint projects because it doubles as a Christmas craft and then a treasured keepsake. These Rudolph the Reindeer handprints would make really cute Christmas cards. To make this Rudolph handprint art, you need brown paint, something for a red nose, googly eyes (or other kind of eyes to craft with), markers to draw smiles, and brown construction paper. If you are able to direct the child to place their hands in exactly the right place to fashion reindeer antlers, then doing this on one piece of paper will work. But if you have a younger child or one that needs more help, using a separate piece of paper and then cutting out the handprints works GREAT! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 549022 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Kids Crafts Tie Dye Mask DIY Mon, 09 Nov 2020 14:42:04 CST /Sewing/Tie-Dye-Mask-DIY Since many of us now wear face masks on a regular basis for work, school, shopping, and more, it only makes sense to try and make them more stylish. That's why we're happy to share this cute tie dye mask DIY. This colorful face mask pattern comes with a free printable template. So, you can easily cut fabric into the correct size for either an adult's or a child's face mask. You could even make matching "Mommy and me" or "Daddy and me" tie dye face masks! Or you could just whip up a batch for your friends and family. We think a lot of people would be happy to receive a cute homemade mask as a thoughtful gift. You can also use this pattern to make face masks with other types of fabric, if you'd like. We're obviously partial to the tie dye pattern, but the options are truly endless! No matter what style of mask you choose to make, we encourage you to stay safe and help keep those around you safe while we weather this pandemic together. As always, you can stay up-to-date with the latest expert guidance by referring to the CDC. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548907 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Beaded Rounds Hat Mon, 09 Nov 2020 14:40:02 CST /Knitting/Beaded-Rounds-Hat-83210 Hi friends! my love of hat making keeps on growing, and ideas keep coming to my head all the time. In this long and full of events year, I got into the habit of surfing Pinterest and YouTube looking for stitch patterns that can be adapted into hats, then I would rush to my stash to grab any leftover skein (or skeins) and start working. So here I am, 16 new head wear designs, proudly presented to you, most of then are easy to make. The only reason that makes me tag these hats as "Intermediate" is the fact that casting on and joining stitches into a round might seem advanced to some. This hat is special for its green beaded looking rounds, and it could be knitted with brighter colors, which I feel are going to make it look prettier, so why not give it a try. Stay safe and healthy, and I hope you have a lovely time in the upcoming holidays. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548994 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting V Stitch Waffle Pot Holder Mon, 09 Nov 2020 00:50:02 CST /Crochet/V-Stitch-Waffle-Pot-Holder-83190 V Stitch Waffle Pot Holders – Free Pattern These V Stitch Waffle Pot Holders are a beautiful addition to your kitchen. The thick texture of this stitch will protect your hands when moving hot pots from one place to another. They make beautiful gift sets paired with utensils or spice mixes. Use your scrap yarn leftovers from bigger projects to make a beautiful set of potholders and gift them to your friends. I used the v stitch waffle pattern to create these potholders. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548974 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Dirty Little Santa Gnome Sun, 08 Nov 2020 21:20:07 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Dirty-Little-Santa-Gnome-83184 You’d be dirty too, if you went down people’s chimneys. This Santa could be a gnome for any season when dressed in other colors. If you don’t like the dirty look, choose a white beard. Color pattern lets you print on white card stock and cut the pieces out or print out a paper pattern to be used over and over. We recommend using a small punch at the top out Santa’s hat for hanging. Why not make him double sided? One clean and the other dirty! Just remember to mirror image the pieces on the back side. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548970 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Crochet Ear Warmer / Winter Headband Sun, 08 Nov 2020 21:20:04 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Ear-Warmer-Winter-Headband-83185 Keep your ears warm and toasty! Those ear warmers are so easy and quick to make. You could make a few of them in a matter of hours. This free pattern is beginner friendly and includes a video demonstration where you can see how to start, all the stitches and how to assemble and make the twist. The yarn I’m using is velvet which makes them so super soft, warm and fluffy. They make a cute Christmas gift that’s just around the corner! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548969 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Paint Stick Snowmen Sun, 08 Nov 2020 13:30:04 CST /Crafting-with-Kids/Paint-Stick-Snowmen-83174 If you need a fun winter craft for the kids, my paint stick snowmen are super cute and make fun puppets! After painting the sticks, this craft comes together in less than 15 minutes. Snowmen are simply the star of the winter season, so many snowman crafts to be made, so little time! If it’s just too cold outside, this adorable paint stick snowman is a great way to pass the time on a snowy afternoon. You will likely have most supplies on hand! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548959 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Santa Sack Sun, 08 Nov 2020 11:20:01 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Santa-Sack-83169 Have you ever had to wrap a large odd shaped gift? This is something I have personally struggled with. I ended up going to the store and just buying a large gift bag. I have seen other people that have put a big pretty bow on a large garbage bag. But what about making a Santa Sack! This is something you could design and even personalize with the name of the person getting the gift. In this tutorial I will show you how to create this Santa Sack and give you a list of all of the supplies needed. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548958 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Crochet Thick Potholder - Thermal Stitch Sun, 08 Nov 2020 01:20:02 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Thick-Potholder--Thermal-Stitch-83161 The Thermal Stitch is by far the best stitch (that I know of) you can use to crochet a thick potholder. It’s quite dense and thick – it’s basically double the thickness of a normal single crochet. It’s perfect for a potholder or anything that needs that extra thickness. When trying this stitch for the first time, the trickiest part is to find the right stitch that you need to crochet into. The whole pattern consists of Thermal Single Crochets (single crochets that are worked into the back loops of current and previous rows together). That’s what creates the thickness. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548950 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Double Twist Pumpkin Sat, 07 Nov 2020 21:00:02 CST /Crochet/Double-Twist-Pumpkin-83155 These textured pumpkins are the perfect quick make for fall home decor. The Double Twist pumpkin comes in three sizes and features the twisted single crochet stitch. The pattern utilizes worsted weight yarn and an H 5.0 mm crochet hook, but subbing out thicker or thinner yarn is an easy way to adjust the size of your pumpkin. You'll also need stuffing or poly-fil, scissors, a tapestry needle, and a stem (or cinnamon sticks, wine cork, or leather strip). admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548945 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Toilet Roll Christmas Tree Sat, 07 Nov 2020 10:00:03 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Toilet-Roll-Christmas-Tree-83144 This toilet roll Christmas tree is a great Christmas craft or decoration you can do with the kids. Also a great way to use up those toilet rolls rather than throw them away. You will need a free printable template to make the three pyramids that go on the toilet roll. Print and cut out the templates. Use a craft knife to cut out the cross in the centre Fold and assemble the pyramids. Glue the pyramids on top of one another Insert the roll into the base of the biggest pyramid. Follow the tutorial and get the free printable from showmycrafts admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548941 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Cascade Cardigan Pattern Sat, 07 Nov 2020 09:10:03 CST /Sewing/Cascade-Cardigan-Pattern-83142 This cascade cardigan pattern will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe for practically any occasion. But, it will be particularly useful if you want to hide the fact that you may have put a few extra pounds, have a growing baby belly, or just need an elegant finish to complement a plain t-shirt and jeans. This is a beginner's project, however, you will need to understand the importance of the grainline and know how to work with knits fabrics. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548939 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Upcycled Tuna Can Butterfly Ornament Sat, 07 Nov 2020 09:00:02 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Upcycled-Tuna-Can-Butterfly-Ornament-83141 I love vintage natural history images and I'm always looking for new ways to display them. I also love to make my own Christmas ornaments and decorations with the stuff around me. So I was really happy when I came up with the idea of making these upcycled butterfly Christmas ornaments for my tree. I used old tuna cans and a dictionary combined with some wonderful vintage butterfly images to make these cool ornaments. They would look great on any tree. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548938 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Burlap Shopping Bag Pattern Sat, 07 Nov 2020 07:50:04 CST /Sewing/Burlap-Shopping-Bag-Pattern-83138 Burlap Shopping Bag Pattern – Avoiding Plastic And Shopping With Style In the spirit of recycling, I wanted to share a bag made out of one of my favorite materials: burlap also know as hessian. I love the texture and mixing it with soft materials is my favorite thing in the world as you can see on my table runner project. You can add velcro or a magnetic snap on the facing to close the bag. Happy sewing and recycling! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548936 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Crochet Reindeer Applique Or Ornament Fri, 06 Nov 2020 23:00:05 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Reindeer-Applique-Or-Ornament-83124 This crochet Reindeer is made from the heart and continues the series of my Heart-shaped creations. This crochet Reindeer can be used as an applique or you can make a Reindeer ornament for your Christmas tree. You can experiment with different yarn weight and hooks to make your crochet Reindeer in different sizes. Also feel free to use different materials for the Reindeer nose. For my Reindeer’s nose, I used small pom-pom, you can also crochet a small red circle or make the nose from felt. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548924 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Reindeer Garland Fri, 06 Nov 2020 22:50:02 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Reindeer-Garland-83123 The Reindeer is one of the kid’s favorite Christmas characters and such garland will be very fun to have in your kid’s room. This crochet Reindeer garland will also look great on the fireplace, on your window, above the door or across the wall! Materials I used: Red Heart medium weight #4 yarn, Crochet hook size H-8/5 mm Sticky-back googly eyes Small red pom-poms Brown craft clothespins The length of the chain depends on how long you want your garland to be. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548922 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Breathtaking Gingerbread House Coloring Page PDF Fri, 06 Nov 2020 12:34:07 CST /Adult-Coloring-Pages/Gingerbread-House-Coloring-Page-PDF This gingerbread house coloring page is absolutely stunning. It's more like a mansion! This PDF is perfect for adults to color to celebrate Christmas. Use your favorite festive colors to fill in the frosting, color the candies, and decorate the rooftop. This beautiful page is so cheery and pretty! See Santa and his reindeer sailing across the night sky. The fence is just the loveliest ornate touch, and the candy cane columns are too cute. If you need to unwind during the bustle of the holiday season, you'll love this printable coloring page! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 491331 at www.favecrafts.com Adult Coloring Pages Plaid Twist Headband Fri, 06 Nov 2020 12:20:06 CST /Crochet/Plaid-Twist-Headband--83106 Create this beautiful crochet plaid twist headband! Very pretty with cute twist detail (so easy to make!). This pattern is written in toddler, child and adult sizes. You can easily adapt the pattern to what size you need. You will need to know how to: single crochet double crochet change colors Materials needed: Hook G, 4.25 mm Small amount of medium worsted weight yarn in 3 colors. Picking your colors: Make sure to pick a dark, light and middle color. The middle color should look like the result if you were to mix the dark and light colors together Blunt needle to weave in ends admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548900 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Holiday Baking Christmas Mad Libs Printable Fri, 06 Nov 2020 12:11:21 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Holiday-Baking-Christmas-Mad-Libs-Printable Looking for a Christmas Mad Libs printable that you can do with the family this holiday? This baking-themed option is an adorable, fun game to play! If you've never done Mad Libs before, you're in for a treat. Have your loved ones give you nouns, adjectives, and verbs to fill in the blanks on this printable, but don't read them the little story until after! Be prepared for a hilarious outcome. It's always so funny to see what people come up with! This is a wonderful and nostalgic option when you're looking for Christmas Mad Libs for adults. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 490743 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Simple Shells Cowl Fri, 06 Nov 2020 08:20:07 CST /Crochet/Simple-Shells-Cowl-83088 The simple shells cowl is a quick, easy 1-skein project. It features a simple two-row repeat so there's nothing complicated about it! I've also filmed a video tutorial walking you through a few rows of the pattern to make it as easy as possible. The free pattern is available from my website, with an option to purchase a PDF copy. I used one skein of Berroco Folio yarn and a size F crochet hook for my sample, but any similar yarn will do! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548878 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Braided Rose Headband Fri, 06 Nov 2020 08:20:02 CST /Crochet/Braided-Rose-Headband-83090 The braided rose headband is a free pattern companion to the braided rose set that includes a hat, cowl, and fingerless gloves. The headband uses fingering weight yarn (approx 80 yards) and a size F crochet hook. The headband is written as a one-size-fits-most adult headband, though both I (adult large) and my 9-year-old can wear it comfortably. Modification instructions are included for those who would like to customize the length of this design. There is also a video tutorial for the cable pattern! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548876 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Snowella Crochet Snowman Hat Fri, 06 Nov 2020 07:50:02 CST /Crochet/Snowella-Crochet-Snowman-Hat-83086 Make this adorable girly crochet snowman hat for all the little ones in your life! This pattern is easily customized and accessible for beginners. Want something for boys or a bit more gender neutral than Snowella? Omit the bow and use a different accent colour to make a more gender neutral version. This pattern includes childrens’ sizes from 0-3 months up to 6 - 10 years of age. This yarn uses 5.5mm and 3.5mm crochet hooks and worsted weight yarn in 4 different colours. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548875 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Stacking Triangles Shawl Thu, 05 Nov 2020 16:30:18 CST /Crochet/Stacking-Triangles-Shawl-81225 You’re going to love the Stacking Triangles Shawl crochet pattern. It’s a crochet pattern that combines beginner friendly basic stitches like double crochet, chains and single crochet, while creating a fun & interesting look. The shawl is made with really easy stitch repeats, which makes it a lovely mindless project for those times you need your focus elsewhere. The Stacking Triangles Shawl is an easy crochet pattern for a shawl that uses less than 2 skeins of yarn. This triangle shawl is made using only beginner friendly stitches in a lovely lace stitch repeat. The name comes from all the tiny triangles made with this stitch combination. The shawl is great for any season. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547110 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Diy Standing Crewmate From Among Us (free Pattern) Thu, 05 Nov 2020 15:50:05 CST /Sewing/Diy-Standing-Crewmate-From-Among-Us-free-Pattern-83073 Learn how to sew an AMONG US Standing crewmate plush. These little astronauts come in variety of colors – blue, cyan, pink, purple, green, red, orange and bright yellow, so you can pick up your favorite. Get the free standing crewmate template and some fabric and whip up this adorable gift in less than an hour. It is not difficult to sew at all, even from complete beginners. If you can sew a straight stitch, you can make this adorable standing crewmate plush. If you can’t – just watch my video – I’ll show you every little step. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548839 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Patchwork Quilt Christmas Stocking Thu, 05 Nov 2020 15:20:05 CST /Sewing/Patchwork-Quilt-Christmas-Stocking-83069 Make a fun and colorful Christmas Stocking with this FREE Patchwork Quilted Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern. Use fabric scraps or a mini charm pack to piece the Christmas stocking for a scrap happy crazy quilt Christmas Stocking. This Christmas Stocking is reversible and can be made using batting to make it a little firmer. It could also be made using a fun checkerboard patchwork design. If you don't have mini charm squares you can simply use a regular charm pack and cut them in half. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548832 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Leaf Wiggle Trivet Thu, 05 Nov 2020 11:10:05 CST /Crochet/Leaf-Wiggle-Trivet-83057 The Leaf Wiggle Trivet is a fun and handy stashbuster crochet pattern that livens up the table all year long! And it’s part of the Holiday Stashdown Crochet Along - get the free crochet trivet pattern on Moogly! The Leaf Wiggle Trivet is a great stashbuster - and you can change it for every season, as you work through your yarn stash! From warm autumn reds and yellows to snowy winter whites to bright spring greens - this pattern is a fun way to decorate for the season! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548821 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet 100+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults Thu, 05 Nov 2020 10:09:36 CST /Christmas-Crafts/101-Easy-Christmas-House-Crafts Get ready for holiday guests with this ultimate collection of Christmas house crafts. Decorate your home with these DIY ideas and create gifts to send home with your guests. Easy Christmas house crafts also make for great holiday activities to do with the whole family. Find 123 Easy Christmas House Crafts including wreaths, ornaments, table accents and more. These easy Christmas crafts are just what you need to decorate your home the stress-free way. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 478185 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Peaches And Teal Modern Baby Blanket Thu, 05 Nov 2020 01:10:02 CST /Crochet/Peaches-And-Teal-Modern-Baby-Blanket-83050 Clever stitch combinations and subtle textures make the Peaches and Teal blanket the perfect gender neutral modern crochet blanket for babies. Featuring crochet overlay sections to get amazing colour work and simple filet sections to add beautiful drape, this blanket is one you will want to make again and again. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn new techniques and stretch your crochet knowledge, or if you have experienced hands that fancy a TV project to work on in the evenings, this crochet blanket is for you! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548815 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make Paper Flowers On The Wall? Wed, 04 Nov 2020 16:38:47 CST /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-Paper-Flowers-On-The-Wall-82994 A person always strives for beauty, therefore, paper flowers on the wall - an unusual type of decor - is becoming more and more popular. This is not surprising. In a world where there are so many mass-produced items, we understand the value of handmade. It is easy to make paper flowers yourself without spending a lot of time, and the result will be amazing.Paper flowers on the wall will look great both in a nursery, bedroom or living room, and at a wedding, birthday or any other celebration. Today you will see that it is easy, pleasant to create flowers on a paper wall with your own hands, and this activity does not require any special materials and tools. Making a paper flowers on the wall takes 30 minutes.Watch the video on how to make paper flowers on the wall? admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548803 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Christmas Lights Hat Wed, 04 Nov 2020 14:10:10 CST /Knitting/Christmas-Lights-Hat-83041 As the holidays season is approaching quickly, I decided to start my Christmas projects early this year. This is my first Christmas project; a hat that is inspired by Christmas tree lights. I am so exited for this season and I hope I will come up with other projects in the remaining weeks, so stay tuned and see you in the next one. Materials: Yarn: Any worsted, unbrushed or DK yarn, I used a 100% acrylic yarn. one skein of green, red and white. Suggested yarn: Alize Burcum Klasik: 100% acrylic, 3.5 oz (100 g), 230 yards (210 m). Circular Knitting needles, 16" (40 cm) long, sizes US 6 (4 mm) and US 8 (5 mm). Tapestry needle. Ring stitch marker. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548793 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting Kids Abc Spinners Wed, 04 Nov 2020 01:40:02 CST /Papercrafts/Kids-Abc-Spinners-83010 The alphabet spinner is a fun way to help your kids learn and master the alphabet in a fun and easy way. A simple craft you can make and take with you and your kid anywhere. They learn while having fun with word recognition. The materials you will need are as follows.. Printing paper The free template you can download at the site .. Scissors. .. Paper Fasteners. .. Wooden skewers .. Simply cut out the template and follow the instructions to make your own ABC Spinners admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548764 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Poppy Hair Tie Tue, 03 Nov 2020 20:40:05 CST /Crochet/Poppy-Hair-Tie-83005 I have been making lots of poppy flowers in different versions lately, from poppy brooches and poppy pins to appliques and baby blankets, but I realized I haven’t made a poppy flower design for kids that they can wear as hair accessories. So here it is, the Poppy Hair Tie! Your little one can wear these cute flowers for Remembrance day and of course, you can use them as appliques for hats, hair bands, and hair clips, the possibilities are endless. I have used DK yarn and a 3mm crochet hook for these poppies and they measure about 9cm in diameter. If you change the hook size and yarn weight, you can modify the size to fit your project. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548760 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Diy Bowl Cozy (square Or Rounded) Tue, 03 Nov 2020 16:20:02 CST /Sewing/Diy-Bowl-Cozy-square-Or-Rounded-83001 Keep your hands from burning when using a microwave with this DIY bowl cozy! Download our free bowl cozy pattern and watch the video to learn how to make a microwave bowl cozy in minutes. Thanks to the easy-to-use soup bowl cozy template, this project is simple enough for sewing beginners to finish without any difficulties. Our downloadable free bowl cozy pattern comes in two versions, one for a square and one for a rounded bowl cozy. Whichever one you make, it should fit most standard size bowls easily. Just make sure to use only pure, 100% cotton for this project, for safety reasons. The rest is easy-peasy! Watch the video, learn how to make a bowl cozy, and say goodbye to burning your hands when heating up food! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548754 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Watercolor Christmas Cards Tue, 03 Nov 2020 14:50:03 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Watercolor-Christmas-Cards-82992 Paint simple plaid patterns with watercolors or any other watercolor brush pens. All you need are watercolor cards, paintbrush, masking tape to create the pattern. Free printable sentiments included that you can print, cut and adhere to make your cardmaking easy and quick! No stamping required at all. Just easy painting tips and a video tutorial walking you through all the steps with 4 different examples and color options. Time for some holiday card making ! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548740 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Stress Relief Shower Melts Tue, 03 Nov 2020 13:40:07 CST /Candles-Soap/Stress-Relief-Shower-Melts-82990 Learn how to make stress relief shower steamers with essential oils. These are like a bath bomb, but they are made for the shower. As they melt, they turn your shower into an aromatherapy spa. I used lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil. Lavender is calming, and lemon is uplifting. This smells great, and it can help boost your mood. These make great gifts, too. You can add dried lavender and dried lemon peel for a pretty effect. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548739 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap British Palaces Word Games Tue, 03 Nov 2020 04:20:03 CST /Entertaining/British-Palaces-Word-Games-82975 Try your hand at the royal residence themed word games. . It Includes word search, word scramble and crossword puzzles based on British royal palaces. They are all free printables in pdf forms. So simply print on A4 paper and solves the puzzles and the other word games Great way to entertain both kids and adults so perfect for get togethers or kids parties.. .. Try a themed challenge and see who finishes the word gams first. . admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548731 at www.favecrafts.com Entertaining Crochet Thanksgiving Turkey Unicorn Tue, 03 Nov 2020 01:20:04 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Thanksgiving-Turkey-Unicorn-82973 Bring some magic to the holiday with this crochet Thanksgiving decoration – Turkey Unicorn! This crochet Turkey Unicorn has turkey feathers and snood, which he borrowed from my crochet Turkey applique. I embellished this Turkey Unicorn with Fall buttons to add to its seasonal character. This crochet Turkey Unicorn applique is very cute and if you love Unicorns, it will be wonderful for your holiday decoration. You can embellish pillows or blankets with this applique, add it to your table decor or even frame it! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548730 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Heart-shaped Turkey Applique Tue, 03 Nov 2020 01:10:06 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Heart-shaped-Turkey-Applique-82971 This cute crochet Turkey would be perfect as a Thanksgiving decoration for your home, kitchen or table decoration. This Turkey pattern is another addition to my heart-shaped patterns collection as its body is made in the shape of a heart. Use different yarn weights and hook sizes to obtain different sizes for this crochet Turkey. I’ve made my Turkey with worsted medium weight yarn. If you make this Turkey with crochet light weight yarn, you will get a cute Turkey applique which you can use for embellishment of various items. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548726 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Asymmetrical Poncho Shawl Mon, 02 Nov 2020 18:01:15 CST /Crochet/Asymmetrical-Poncho-Shawl-82865 This is a very easy pattern for crocheting an Asymmetrical Poncho! With very easy to follow video instructions, this poncho is made using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. You can make any size from small to 4XL plus size! Works up quickly, and has a stylish dropped hem in the back. Even when worked in a solid color, the stitch pattern will give visual detail to the finished garment. In black, it is a stunning poncho! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548715 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Mistletoe Kisses Treat Bags Mon, 02 Nov 2020 17:50:05 CST /Holiday-Craft/Mistletoe-Kisses-Treat-Bags-82961 Mistletoe Kisses Treat Bags are such a simple way to show someone you care this Christmas season. The printable treat bag toppers make this so easy you won’t believe how little time it takes to put these bags together. Who wouldn’t love to get a cute bag of Hershey kisses? Mistletoe kisses treat bags are great for just about anyone. Since these are easy to make it won’t take you long to make up a bunch of bags. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548711 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Reindeer Hot Chocolate Gift Bags Mon, 02 Nov 2020 17:40:03 CST /Holiday-Craft/Reindeer-Hot-Chocolate-Gift-Bags-82955 These Reindeer Hot Chocolate Gift Bags are perfect as stocking stuffers, party favors or inexpensive gifts. They’re adorable and so easy to put together! These Gift Bags are the perfect solution if you want to bestow some holiday cheer to several people without breaking the bank. The bags are super cute and only take a few minutes and a few items to create. Give them to your kids’ teachers or your neighbors. I like to make up a bunch to keep in a basket by the front door so I can gift them to delivery people during the holiday season. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548705 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Quilted Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern Mon, 02 Nov 2020 12:50:02 CST /Quilting/Quilted-Christmas-Stocking-Sewing-Pattern-82935 Quilt a beautiful Christmas Stocking with this FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern. Use a solid color for the Christmas stocking and choose a coordinating thread that will make the quilting shine for a classic Christmas look. A heavier weight thread would also make for gorgeous quilting. You can also use a patterned fabric for the stocking and use a bright and bold thread to make it stand out or go with a neutral color to let it blend in. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548691 at www.favecrafts.com Quilting Buffalo Plaid Christmas Hoop Wreath Mon, 02 Nov 2020 07:10:02 CST /Christmas-Crafts/Buffalo-Plaid-Christmas-Hoop-Wreath-82905 It’s not a farmhouse Christmas without buffalo plaid and a vintage red truck. This Buffalo Plaid Christmas Hoop Wreath is an easy farmhouse Christmas craft. This easy DIY Buffalo Plaid Christmas Hoop Wreath is a simple Christmas craft to make yourself.I like easy Christmas crafts. Buffalo check (or buffalo plaid) are an important part of the farmhouse style. You see this popular fabric pattern a lot, especially during the holiday season. This Buffalo Plaid Christmas Hoop Wreath incorporates buffalo plaid and also a vintage red truck. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548670 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Crochet Poppy Pin Mon, 02 Nov 2020 01:30:05 CST /Crochet/Crochet-Poppy-Pin-82887 Remembrance Day is around the corner and I wanted you to have this pattern just in time so you can make a bunch of them for your friends and family. The pattern is quick and simple and works up in no time, perfect as a last-minute project. It doesn’t require any sewing, it is all crocheted around the black center. I have used DK yarn and a 3mm crochet hook to create a small poppy, but you can change the hook size and yarn weight to make a bigger one that can be used as appliques on blankets, hairbands, handbags and hats. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548663 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Christmas Gnome On A Swing Ornament Sun, 01 Nov 2020 19:00:03 CST /Crochet/Christmas-Gnome-On-A-Swing-Ornament-82878 Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare your year end decorations! The Gnome on a swing crochet pattern is a fun ornament to hang in your Christmas tree, and it's an easy, beginner friendly pattern. Great DIY gift for your loved ones, but I warn you, you're gonna want one for yourself too! Bonus: the pattern includes a detailed tutorial for invisible colour change when working in the round for your amigurumi projects admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548655 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Paper Poppy Wall Decor With Free Template Sun, 01 Nov 2020 10:40:02 CST /Holiday-Craft/Paper-Poppy-Wall-Decor-With-Free-Template-82867 There is nothing that symbolizes November 11th all over the world like the poppy. A field of poppies is an inspiring sight to see and is the inspiration behind our Paper Poppy Wall Decor. The combination of the red and orange petals popping on a wall, with textured black and yellow centres, makes these pretty paper poppies a beautiful 3D piece of art. You only need a few materials, most can be found at your local dollar store. Here's a quick list of things you'll need: Red, orange, yellow, black and green construction paper, petal template (found on the blog), hot glue gun, scissors, wall tack or removable glue dots. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548649 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Peppermint Bath Salts Sat, 31 Oct 2020 14:40:02 CDT /Christmas-Crafts/Peppermint-Bath-Salts-82851 Peppermint bath salts are easy to make and a cute gift idea for anyone on your holiday gift-giving list. Dye half in red and layer them in a jar for a candy cane theme everyone will love. The bath salts themselves have just four ingredients and you may even have the supplies you need on hand. Mixing them together and adding them to the jar takes no more than 10 minutes. That makes this one easy, quick, and even inexpensive gift idea. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548629 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Tweed And Tartan Mini Trees Sat, 31 Oct 2020 13:20:05 CDT /Green-Crafting/Tweed-And-Tartan-Mini-Trees-82837 I love to decorate my mantle in the fall and winter with mini trees. My favorite trees are made out of repurposed materials, in the past, I've made them out of denim and old sweaters. This year I used some tweed and tartan fabric scraps to create a mini Scottish forest. I also used some denim hems and belt loops for the base of the tree along with twigs and old wooden cotton reels. This is a fun festive craft for all. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548619 at www.favecrafts.com Green Crafting Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages Sat, 31 Oct 2020 13:20:03 CDT /Crafting-with-Kids/Free-Printable-Alphabet-Coloring-Pages-82838 Are you practicing the ABC’s at your house? One of the keys to getting your child to learn to read at an early age is to help them learn their letters. Activity sheets can make this a fun activity and educational as well. Since my kids were toddlers I’ve always supplemented their learning with worksheets, learning apps and more. Help your preschooler practice their ABC’s with these free printable alphabet coloring pages for kids. Print them to do with your child! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548618 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Big Stitch Crochet Pullover Sat, 31 Oct 2020 10:10:03 CDT /Crochet/Big-Stitch-Crochet-Pullover-82830 Big Stitch Crochet Pullover is worked with a large hook, so it works up very quickly. With large open stitches, it is not a sweater intended for warmth in cold weather, but perfect for wearing when light cover is desired. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and a big 15 mm crochet hook. It works up in approx. 3 hours! You can make this sweater in all sizes from small to plus size, (4XL). admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548613 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Small Flowers Sat, 31 Oct 2020 06:40:01 CDT /Crochet/Small-Flowers-82829 These little hair clips work up in a breeze - they only take two rounds! They make great little girls' hair clips, appliques, or decor items. I've combined several into headbands in the past, or I've attached them to gift bags for baby showers. The little five-petaled flowers are delicate and feminine, easy to do, and best of all, there's a YouTube tutorial video walkthrough to go with the pattern so you're sure to be able to make these with no problems! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548611 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Trick Or Treat Pumpkin Bag Sat, 31 Oct 2020 02:20:03 CDT /Crochet/Trick-Or-Treat-Pumpkin-Bag-82825 Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween! This little cute trick-or-treating bag is my contribution to this year's Halloween season, albeit I was a little late posting it. It may look not easy but just follow thr instructions and it will be finished in a very short time. I hope everyone enjoys this time of the year in a safe and responsible way. Happy crocheting! Materials: Suggested yarn: Nako, Elit Baby in colors green and orange, one skein of each. Crochet hook, size US F (4.0 mm). Tapestry needle. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548608 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Waffle Christmas Stocking Sat, 31 Oct 2020 01:40:01 CDT /Crochet/Waffle-Christmas-Stocking--82823 This crochet pattern will help you create a festive Christmas stocking with a lovely thick texture using the waffle stitch. Christmas stockings are a massive part of the Christmas tradition and a handmade quality stocking could be treasured for years to come and handed down through generations in your family. The completed stocking will measure 17” x 6”, I would describe it as a full sized Christmas stocking, the perfect size to hand over your fireplace ready to be filled with gifts. I used Aran (weight 4) yarn in 2 colours. I used ‘Epic yarn and colours cotton’ acrylic would also work for this pattern A - Red 250m B - White 30m Supplies you will need – Crochet hook 5mm – Tapestry needle – Aran yarn – Stitch markers (optional) – Scissors - Pom Pom maker This pattern is easy level with minimal sewing required. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know basic crochet stitches (sc, hdc, dc, tr). You’ll also need to know how to make a bobble stitch and you’ll need to know how to work in Front/back loops and front back posts. The pattern is 5 pages long and includes progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. Recommend skill level is easy. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548606 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Amalfi Ribbed Sweater Sat, 31 Oct 2020 00:00:03 CDT /Crochet/Amalfi-Ribbed-Sweater-82822 Oversized, ribbed and ridiculously cosy, the Amalfi Sweater is the modern crochet sweater of your dreams! This easy crochet sweater features loosely cuffed sleeves, an oversized body and a ribbed round neck while simple beginner stitches (slip stitches and double crochet) combine to create a chunky ribbed effect that looks like knit! It’s the perfect fall layering sweater that you can wear year after year! This pattern is written in English using US crochet terms. Contains step-by-step instructions with pictures. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548604 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Sloth Crochet Gift Card Holder Fri, 30 Oct 2020 18:40:02 CDT /Crochet/Sloth-Crochet-Gift-Card-Holder-82805 Turn boring gift cards into fun lovingly made ornaments for your tree with my sloth gift card holder. This pattern is quick and easy and helps make gift cards a more personalized gift by enabling you to make an adorable handmade cover for your gift card that looks like a sloth. A hanger is added to the end of the gift card holder so you can hang it on your tree until it’s time for gifting. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548587 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet FaveCrafts Studio Live: Knitting 101 Fri, 30 Oct 2020 14:07:23 CDT /Most-Popular-Crafts/FaveCrafts-Studio-Live-Knitting-101 FaveCrafts Studio Live Knitting 101 admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 545690 at www.favecrafts.com Most Popular Crafts Diy Bunting Banner (with 3 Free Templates) Fri, 30 Oct 2020 13:40:02 CDT /Party-Time/Diy-Bunting-Banner-with-3-Free-Templates-82786 Learn how to make this stunning DIY using fabric scraps! It is super easy to sew and comes with a pre-made template so all you need to do is print, cut and sew! Bunting isn’t just for one weekend or one-time events. It makes a great home decor and is the perfect way to liven up a room all year round. From adding a fun touch to your kid's room to adding some flair to a barbecue party. Make your adorable bunting today. Get the pattern over at hellosewing! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548567 at www.favecrafts.com Party Time Applesauce Pouch Ghost Halloween Treats Fri, 30 Oct 2020 12:20:02 CDT /Edible-Crafts/Applesauce-Pouch-Ghost-Halloween-Treats-82782 A lot of schools require peanut-free Halloween treats. So that crosses a lot of candy bars off the list. And maybe, you don't even want to give candy. That's fine too. But, no matter what you want your treats to be cute. So these part treat, part craft Applesauce Pouch Ghost Halloween Treats are perfect. You have everything at home to make them: printer paper, markers, scissors, and curling ribbon. All you need to buy is the applesauce. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548562 at www.favecrafts.com Edible Crafts Pretty Puff Beanie Fri, 30 Oct 2020 11:00:03 CDT /Crochet/Pretty-Puff-Beanie-82777 Create this pretty puff crochet beanie with this easy to follow pattern! The hat is worked from the bottom up and features a beautiful puff stitch and optional faux fur pom pom. The pattern uses a size H crochet hook and medium worsted weight yarn. Written in adult size, US terms. The hat measures 8″ tall and fits a 20-23″ head circumference. Materials: Medium worsted weight yarn (size 4). I used Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in “Anemone”. Size H, 5.00 mm crochet hook Tapestry needle Faux Fur Pom Pom (optional) admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548550 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Simple Shibori Knit Pin Banner Fri, 30 Oct 2020 10:40:07 CDT /Decorating-Ideas/Simple-Shibori-Knit-Pin-Banner-82774 The Simple Shibori Knit Pin Banner was inspired by three needs I had - to dress up my studio space, to add a bit of sound absorption, and to display my enamel pin collection! It was fun to make, and I thought you might have the need for something similar. So I’m sharing the free knit wall hanging pattern with you all on Moogly! The pattern for the Simple Shibori Knit Pin Banner is great for beginners – no shaping or complex stitching, just knits and purls. And you can use your favorite cast on and bind off, whatever you like! Sew the finished banner to a dowel, pretty branch, or whatever strikes your fancy – and display your own pin collection! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548548 at www.favecrafts.com Decorating Ideas Mock Cable Hat Fri, 30 Oct 2020 10:30:02 CDT /Crochet/Mock-Cable-Hat-82773 It looks so much like knitted! But no, trust me, this hat is crocheted! The Mock Cable Hat is a beautiful knit-look crochet hat that features a unique mock cable pattern, a stretchy ribbed brim and a shaped top. The hat is worked in rows from side to side in one piece and then seamed together. The top is then cinched closed. Learn how to make it with the free crochet pattern on My Hobby is Crochet blog! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548546 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Chic Cable Beanie Fri, 30 Oct 2020 07:00:02 CDT /Crochet/Chic-Cable-Beanie-82770 Featuring a wonderful cable pattern, the Chic Cable Beanie is a luxurious merino wool hat topped off with faux fur a pom pom. Do you love crochet cables but are intimidated by them? Don’t be anymore! This pattern comes with a step by step picture tutorial showing you how to work them! It might look complicated, but after you learn the post stitches involved, you’ll see that it’s quite easy! Only 2 rounds repeat to complete a cable! You'll get 3 sizes: toddler, child and adult women, so you can stitch up matching hats for you and your kidies." admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548540 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Little Stefan Baby Booties Fri, 30 Oct 2020 06:50:02 CDT /Crochet/Little-Stefan-Baby-Booties-82769 How adorable are these crochet baby booties? The knit-look rolled cuff and the ties are not only cute, but also functional, making sure that the booties will stay on babies feet! Worked from the cuff down, the booties are easy to crochet. Beside the written instructions, the pattern provides step by step pictures that might be very helpful for visual crocheters! Pick your favorite colors for a baby boy or baby girl and start working on these booties right away! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548539 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Scrappy Reversible Halloween Table Mats Fri, 30 Oct 2020 02:20:03 CDT /Special-Occasion/Scrappy-Reversible-Halloween-Table-Mats-82764 Halloween is a great time of year to have friends over. Costumes optional, although with some of our friends, it's sometimes hard to tell! These mats are quick and easy to make and a fun way to use the rest of your Halloween Jelly Roll. Make them any size you like, placemat size, coasters, or even another table runner or something long and thin for your Halloween mantle display or entry table. The basic process is the same. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548536 at www.favecrafts.com Special Occasion Crochet Laptop Sleeve Fri, 30 Oct 2020 01:30:01 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Laptop-Sleeve-82762 This pattern is very simple and doesn’t require you paying a lot of attention. So it’s perfect for those evenings when you just want to relax, watch a movie and just crochet! It's beginner friendly and quite easy and quick to crochet. Mainly it is just one stitch (Puff Stitch) all the way through. If you’re trying this stitch for the first time - there are detailed written and video instructions included in this free pattern! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548534 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Wrap Dress Free Sewing Pattern Fri, 30 Oct 2020 01:10:04 CDT /Sewing/Wrap-Dress-Free-Sewing-Pattern--82761 This is a relaunch of one of our most popular patterns ever on So Sew Easy. This cute wrap dress pattern is fun and easy to make and looks great. The front has a cross-over bodice with pleats, there's a straight skirt and an optional elastic waist, with a matching tie belt. Only the bodice wraps over leaving you safe from embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that can happen with wrap skirts. Check out this free pattern and tutorial. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548533 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing How To Knit Adult Slippers Thu, 29 Oct 2020 12:50:02 CDT /Knitting/How-To-Knit-Adult-Slippers-82735 This is a great pattern to practice if you are a new knitter as it only uses very basic stitches. Even if you have never knitted before, you can learn how to knit these slippers by following the complete how-to YouTube video, How to Knit Slippers for Children and Adults, showing every step from casting on to sewing up the seams. I designed the pattern so any one can create them for adults from a woman’s size 7-12 or a man’s 6-11. If you require smaller sizes, there are links in the pattern to make child size slippers with the same design. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548510 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting Christmas Bingo Free Printable Thu, 29 Oct 2020 10:50:15 CDT /Crafting-with-Kids/Christmas-Bingo-Free-Printable-82720 This free Christmas Bingo Free Printable is perfect for quiet afternoons at home, sleepovers or gatherings. You can even play via Zoom with family and friends. Print the different Christmas Bingo Cards as well as the calling cards to play, and if you only have a couple players, let each player play more than one card. This festive Christmas Bingo Free Printable is a fun holiday activity that your family can do together this holiday season! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548501 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Easy Moss Pillow Planter Thu, 29 Oct 2020 10:50:05 CDT /Garden-and-Outdoor/Easy-Moss-Pillow-Planter-82723 Do you want to add something special to your garden without spending a lot of money? Then you'll love this gorgeous moss pillow that doubles up as a planter. We added succulents to ours, but any water-wise plants will work. The moss pillow planter is guaranteed to take your garden decor to a whole new level. Not only is it quick and easy to make but the pillow will also add a magical touch to any outdoor space. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548498 at www.favecrafts.com Garden and Outdoor Darn Good Yarn Alanya Sock Yarn Thu, 29 Oct 2020 08:59:24 CDT /Product-Reviews/Darn-Good-Yarn-Alanya-Sock-Yarn Alanya Sock Yarn is a superwash sock yarn made of 75% merino wool and 25% nylon. In each skein you get 130 yards of fabulous self-striping yarn that is perfect for making socks. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548488 at www.favecrafts.com Product Reviews Tie Dye Face Mask for Kids Sewing Pattern Thu, 29 Oct 2020 08:52:39 CDT /Sewing/Easy-To-Sew-Kids-Medical-Mask-79546 Since I first posted my tutorial for sewing an easy medical mask, Ive received lots of questions about how to make one sized for kids. So here it is a simple tutorial for sewing a kids mask. It's easy to make and once you make one, you can make several. Great for kids returning to school and needing to wear mask throughout the day. Also easy to be laundered. Make them in your child's favorite prints! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 545489 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Summer Nights Booties Thu, 29 Oct 2020 06:50:02 CDT /Crochet/Summer-Nights-Booties--82708 This pattern is for cute nautical baby booties, perfect for cold summer nights! The pattern includes 3 sizes, 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months. You will need 3 colours of DK yarn (94m) a tapestry needle and a 4mm crochet hook. This pattern is easy level with minimal sewing required. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know stitches including sc & hdc. You’ll also need to know how to increase and decrease. The pattern is 6 pages long and includes progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548482 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Mini Slouch Baby Booties Thu, 29 Oct 2020 06:40:02 CDT /Crochet/Mini-Slouch-Baby-Booties--82707 The pattern is for adorable baby booties in 3 different sizes from birth to one year old. Recommend skill level is easy You will need 2 colours of DK yarn (103m), 4mm crochet hook and a tapestry needle. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know sc and hdc. You’ll also need to know how to increase, decrease and know how to work in back loop only. The crochet pattern is 8 pages long and contains progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548480 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Diy Pinecone Fire Starters Wed, 28 Oct 2020 17:50:07 CDT /Unexpected-Ideas/Diy-Pinecone-Fire-Starters-82676 How to make pinecone fire starters. These make it easy to start fires outside in the summer or winter. You'll just need beeswax and some essential oils. Learn how to make a double boiler and get tips to make these fire starters so they turn out looking great. I added some mica to give mine some color. These make great gifts for Christmas or for wedding favors. These are for outdoor use only. Do not use them indoors. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548453 at www.favecrafts.com Miscellaneous Crafts How To Make Paper Bags With Handles? Wed, 28 Oct 2020 17:19:38 CDT /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-Paper-Bags-With-Handles--82674 Hand-made paper bags, in which a lot of work and patience is invested, will surely please others. Paper bags will delight little girls, as they are a good subject for play - a child can use the bag to play with dolls. Also, paper bags are not just paper crafts made for a child, but an interesting idea for packaging. You can put a gift in such a bag and give it.Watch the video on how to make a handbag with handles. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548447 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Star Fish Pocket Shawl Wed, 28 Oct 2020 16:57:05 CDT /Crochet/Star-Fish-Pocket-Shawl-82670 My and my daughter love the idea of the Crochet Pocket shawl! I decided to make my daughters Pocket Shawl with a cable style. Sorta like the one I made myself, the Cable pocket shawl because my daughter liked mine so much. But I decided for hers I went with more of a basic row repeat to give it more of a cable line look and feel. I really like how the Starfish stitch looks in this design! How about you? admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548444 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Christmas Hearts Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:50:05 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Christmas-Hearts-82667 Make this crochet Heart ornament for Christmas! It is easy to make and you can use it in many ways. You can use this crochet Heart ornament for your Christmas Tree, you can decorate a gift package, or, embellish your home. Make some as a small present for your child’s teachers, your coworkers, and your friends. I made my crochet Heart ornaments in two sizes. Finished Size: Large heart: 3″ (7 – 1/2 cm) Small Heart: 1 – 3/4” (5 cm) admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548441 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Christmas Candy Corn Heart Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:40:07 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Christmas-Candy-Corn-Heart-82664 Crochet hearts make beautiful crochet Christmas ornaments. They are such a wonderful Christmas gift for kids, teachers, friends and family. They are easy to make and perfect if you need to make a lot of small gifts for a large crowd. Materials: Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn, worsted weight #4 yarn, White Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn, worsted weight #4 yarn, Red Cherry Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn, worsted weight #4 yarn, Hunter Green Crochet hook size H/8 – 5 mm Buttons, beads admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548439 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet 3 Free Printable Christmas Cards to Color Wed, 28 Oct 2020 11:23:01 CDT /Christmas-Crafts/Printable-Christmas-Cards-to-Color These free printable Christmas cards to color allow you to create cards with a personal touch, even if you aren't artistic! Choose from three styles. Each design ranges from simple to complex, so if you're printing out dozens of these cards to mail to all your loved ones, you can choose a simpler design to color in. For extra special friends and family, print one of the more complex designs! Have fun using a variety of colors and coloring tools to fill in these printable cards until you achieve a look you really love. Try adding glitter glue for extra holiday sparkle. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 542792 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Tunisian Crochet Christmas Tree Pillow Wed, 28 Oct 2020 11:20:06 CDT /Crochet/Tunisian-Crochet-Christmas-Tree-Pillow-82656 The Tunisian Crochet Christmas Tree Pillow is the perfect cosy addition to your home for the holiday season. This pattern is perfect for anyone who has dabbled in Tunisian crochet and would like to expand their skills a little! The front and back panels are joined with a round of reverse single crochet so there is absolutely no seaming. If you have done a little bit of Tunisian crochet, then this pillow pattern will be no problem at all for you. Once you can work the Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss) and Tunisian Purl Stitch (Tps), the only new technique you’ll need to learn is how to change colors mid-row in Tunisian crochet. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548430 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Jasmine Crochet Beanie Wed, 28 Oct 2020 11:00:13 CDT /Crochet/Jasmine-Crochet-Beanie-82652 The Jasmine Beanie is an easy top down crochet hat pattern. This hat is fitted but stretchy, so a single hat will accommodate a few different head sizes. I know in my house, the child-size beanie was passed around between children aged 3-8 and it actually fit them all! Crochet your hat in a single color, or as a striped crochet beanie – both ways look great. This beanie is crocheted from the top down. You will start by crocheting a circle, increasing on each round until you have reached the required diameter for the size you are making. Then you will stop increasing, and simply crochet in the round until your hat is the right height. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548428 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Ridge Walk Hat Wed, 28 Oct 2020 10:40:02 CDT /Crochet/Ridge-Walk-Hat-82650 The Ridge Walk Hat is a free easy crochet winter hat pattern, that’s perfect for beginners. This hat is has a gorgeous dense and squishy texture, so it’s perfect for keeping extra warm and cosy during the cold winter months. And if you love matching accessories, then you’ll definitely want to check out the matching Ridge Walk Scarf! The simple ribbed look of this crochet hat makes it perfect for both men and women. The crochet pattern is written for toddler, child, teen and adult sizes, so it’s a great hat to make in bulk for gifts! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548424 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Ridge Walk Scarf Wed, 28 Oct 2020 10:30:01 CDT /Crochet/Ridge-Walk-Scarf-82649 A perfect cold-weather accessory, the Ridge Walk Scarf is a beginner-friendly, free pattern for a ribbed crochet scarf. This scarf has a gorgeous, squishy texture to keep you warm and cosy, even in the coldest temperatures. The pattern uses only one stitch to create the ridged texture. The clean, simple lines make this a great unisex scarf. The free crochet scarf pattern is written for child, teen and adult sizes, so you can make one for everyone! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548422 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Lavender Bags Wed, 28 Oct 2020 09:10:03 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Lavender-Bags-82644 These crochet lavender bags are perfect handmade gifts for so many reasons! They are quick and easy to make, they are a great way to use up leftover yarn, and best of all they smell amazing! This pattern will work with pretty much any yarn and fiber. I recommend either a #3/Lightweight or #4/Worsted weight yarn as these will give you a light and compact little bag. Whichever yarn weight you choose, I would suggest using a slightly smaller hook than you normally would with your chosen yarn. This will ensure you have tight stitches and no holes for those lavender leaves to peek through! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548418 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Diy Snuffle Ball For Dogs Wed, 28 Oct 2020 08:30:04 CDT /Pet-Crafts/Diy-Snuffle-Ball-For-Dogs-82633 This snuffle ball for dogs is an easy afternoon dog toy you can make with a few basic materials. Make a dog snuffle ball to reward your pup. It’s so much fun to make gifts and treats for our pets. And, I love it when I come up with something that’s truly easy. So, what’s a snuffle ball? Basically, it is a fleece ball that you can hide little treats inside. Your dog will smell the treats and will engage with the ball in hopes that they find them. It’s a great way to provide mental stimulation for your pet. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548409 at www.favecrafts.com Pet Crafts Remembrance Poppy Brooch Wed, 28 Oct 2020 01:10:05 CDT /Crochet/Remembrance-Poppy-Brooch-82624 These poppy brooches are easy and quick to crochet, you can make a bunch of them and gift them to your friends and family. The perfect last-minute project before Remembrance Day. The poppy is crocheted in one piece using black for the center and red for the petals and the leaf is crocheted separately and attached at the back. I used DK yarn and a 3mm crochet hook and my poppy came out about 6cm tall, if you want yours bigger and turn it into an applique for blankets, clothes or shawls, use a bigger size hook or thicker yarn. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548392 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Jack O’lantern Pumpkin Face Crochet Dog Bandana Tue, 27 Oct 2020 22:20:05 CDT /Crochet/Jack-Olantern-Pumpkin-Face-Crochet-Dog-Bandana-82613 This crochet Pumpkin Face dog bandana will make a beautiful Halloween accessory for your dog! This Pumpkin Face dog bandana is made as a collar that doesn’t require buttons or tying up, you just slip it over your dog’s head! This bandana is designed for a large size dog. You can adapt it for any size by adjusting the collar size and bandana width. Finished Size: Fits a large sized dog. Collar circumference – 17”, bandana is about 9-1/4” from the neck to the bandana’s point. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548386 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Motivational Sign Tue, 27 Oct 2020 19:30:06 CDT /Decorating-Ideas/Dollar-Tree-Pizza-Pan-Motivational-Sign-82608 How to make a motivational sign with Dollar Tree supplies. This is an inexpensive project that costs $4 by thinking outside of the box using some unique items from Dollar Tree. I make this for my daughter so she had a motivational sign on the wall of her bedroom to keep her inspired. It's a fun and easy DIY that takes about a hour to make. You'll even have some supplies left to make several more even cheaper! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548381 at www.favecrafts.com Decorating Ideas C2c Tiny Jack-o-lantern Cup Afghan Square Tue, 27 Oct 2020 18:50:04 CDT /Crochet/C2c-Tiny-Jack-o-lantern-Cup-Afghan-Square-82605 2020’s Divine Debris CAL features another fun coffee theme but this time it’s in a corner to corner style! Yep, that’s right, this year is going to showcase the fun and speed of C2C. October’s square is perfect for the Halloween season- the Jack-O-Lantern Cup square! This design brings out the classic jack-0-lantern and pairs it with 2020’s coffee C2C call for a fun result. I hope it'll look great among all the previous month’s squares. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548377 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Ikea Inspired Dollhouse Lamp Tue, 27 Oct 2020 18:19:33 CDT /Unexpected-Ideas/Ikea-Inspired-Dollhouse-Lamp-82603 I cant stop coming up with new ideas for my Barbie house. To say Im obsessed is an understatement. But you will be too, once you see this freakin adorable Ikea inspired dollhouse lamp. It was easy to make and actually gives off light! Making miniature items for a dollhouse is so addictive. I'm currently building a dollhouse that is playscale (for Barbie) and I'm making so many adorable items from everyday objects. Here is one of them! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548376 at www.favecrafts.com Miscellaneous Crafts Needlework: Leaf Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:20:01 CDT /Needlecraft/Needlework-Leaf--82558 Lace as a general category can be traced back to its earliest beginnings as knotted nets. Other forms have evolved over time from whitework techniques such as cutwork or drawn work, and from early forms of darn-netting. One of the laces is Romanian Point Lace. Lace making can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Today we introduce you to Romanian Point Lace. What makes it different is that instead of a premade tape you use a specially crocheted cord which has loops along the sides to connect your cords and do the needle weaving. Most of the time your finished project will be reversible! Only special embellishments such as those for grapes will be different on the back side. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548333 at www.favecrafts.com Needlecraft Felt Holly Christmas Napkin Rings Tue, 27 Oct 2020 07:20:01 CDT /Felt/Felt-Holly-Christmas-Napkin-Rings-82551 These Christmas napkin rings are easy to make, and are perfectly festive, decorated with felt holly leaves and berries. I made my wool felt balls (using a needle felting technique) for this craft, but you could easily use red craft pom poms that can be bought at any major craft store. These Christmas napkin rings are the perfect finishing touch for your holiday table. They also make fabulous DIY gifts--perfect for friends, family, and neighbors. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548323 at www.favecrafts.com Felt Jean Dreams Tote Mon, 26 Oct 2020 19:30:06 CDT /Knitting/Jean-Dreams-Tote-82541 Do you dream in denim? Well, the Jean Dreams Tote is the denim knit pattern for you! Made in a wonderful variety of jean colors, even the iconic top stitch color, this tote will show off your jean obsession! This pattern is super fun to knit up, and it is quite easy to adjust the size if you would like. It's a great way to learn or improve your mitered square skills. You can even add fringe if you are so inclined! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548314 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting How To Make A Pencil Case Out Of Paper? Mon, 26 Oct 2020 16:51:55 CDT /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-A-Pencil-Case-Out-Of-Paper-82528 What is the age of the school pencil case? It is difficult to answer this question. If you consider any box for storing writing utensils as a pencil case, it turns out that the pencil case is as old as writing. A pencil case is a case for office supplies. It helps to keep pens, pencils, rulers neatly. These little things will not break or get lost in the portfolio, and the student can quickly prepare for the lesson. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548304 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Pinch Me Crochet Lobster Hat Mon, 26 Oct 2020 13:40:02 CDT /Crochet/Pinch-Me-Crochet-Lobster-Hat-82516 Make this cute and easily customizable lobster hat pattern for everyone in the family with my Pinch Me Crochet Lobster Hat Pattern. This pattern is quick and easy and uses less than 1 skein of Lion Brand Basic Stitch Premium to make. Other worsted weight yarns may be substituted as long as gauge is matched. Matching gauge is vital to ensuring a proper fit for your hats. Skill Level: • Easy Terminology: • U.S. Terminology Supplies: • 6.0 mm (J) Furls Crochet Hook (or whatever hook needed to obtain gauge). • 4.5 mm (G+) Furls Crochet Hook • Approximately 65 - 131 yds/60 - 120 m (1.06 - 2.12 oz/30 - 60 g) of Lion Brand Basic Stitch Premium in Garnet • Approximately 7 yds/5.5 m (0.1 oz/3g) of Lion Brand Basic Stitch Premium in White • Tapestry Needle • Scissors • 2 – Black 3/4” Buttons for Eyes • Black Sewing Thread and Sewing Needle Abbreviations: • CH = Chain • FO = Finish Off • HDC = Half Double Crochet • HDCINC = Half Double Crochet Increase • MC = Magic Circle • SL ST = Slip Stitch • SC = Single Crochet • SCDEC = Single Crochet Decrease • SCINC = Single Crochet Increase • ST = Stitch Sizes Included: • 0 – 3 months, 3 – 6 months. 6 – 12 months, 1 – 3 years, 3 – 5 years, 6 – 10 years, Teen/Adult Small and Adult Large admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548296 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Diy: Succulents In A Bowl Mon, 26 Oct 2020 11:50:06 CDT /Garden-and-Outdoor/Diy-Succulents-In-A-Bowl-82381 You can do a lot of fun things with bowls. Inside, but of course also outside. These beautiful objects, from large to small, bring your interior and garden to life! A bowl of different materials and structures is completely contemporary. A bowl with a mix of succulents, a mini glass pond with floating flowers you can come up with anything. We are happy to help you on your way and show you what you can do with bowls. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548293 at www.favecrafts.com Garden and Outdoor Touch of Yak Lion Brand Yarn Mon, 26 Oct 2020 11:17:31 CDT /Product-Reviews/Touch-of-Yak-Lion-Brand-Yarn admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548235 at www.favecrafts.com Product Reviews Family Handprint Turkey Mon, 26 Oct 2020 10:10:11 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Family-Handprint-Turkey-82505 This cute twist on the handprint turkey uses handprints from not just your child, but you too! Parents and kids will make this adorable paper project together. Whether you are a family of three or ten, doesn’t matter! Everyone loves a handprint craft. This family handprint turkey makes a great keepsake that you can keep and hand down to your children one day, or give to grandparents as a cherished gift. The supplies are super simple, but the impact is big when placed in an inexpensive frame and displayed on the fireplace mantel or a table in the entryway. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548286 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Pumpkin Bunting Mon, 26 Oct 2020 05:10:19 CDT /Crochet/Pumpkin-Bunting--82495 This crochet pattern will help you create Halloween pumpkin bunting. The pumpkins measure 11cm wide and 9cm tall. You can make as little it as many as you like, I chose to make 6 for my bunting as it fitted my fireplace nicely. The pumpkins can also be used as appliqués although they are a little puffy so you might like to add some toy stuffing underneath and have a 3D appliqué. The appliqués can be sewn onto almost any of your crochet creations to create an autumn/fall or Halloween theme. You will need 3 colours of DK yarn, a tapestry needle and a 3mm & 4mm crochet hook. This pattern is easy level with minimal sewing required. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know basic stitches (sc, hdc, dc) You’ll also need to know how to increase & decrease. The pattern is 4 pages long and includes progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548267 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Witch Hat Hair Accessory Mon, 26 Oct 2020 05:00:02 CDT /Crochet/Witch-Hat-Hair-Accessory--82494 This crochet pattern will help you create an adorably spooky little witches hat hair accessory. You will need 2 colours of DK yarn (23m), a tapestry needle and a 3.5mm crochet hook and a hair clip or elastic. This pattern is easy level with minimal sewing required. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know stitches including sc, hdc. You’ll also need to know how to increase, decrease and know how to work in Front/back loop only. The pattern is 3 pages long and includes progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548265 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet 31 Scary And Cute Free Halloween Printables You Will Love! Sun, 25 Oct 2020 20:10:07 CDT /Papercrafts/31-Scary-And-Cute-Free-Halloween-Printables-You-Will-Love-82488 Looking for free decorations for your next Halloween party or celebration? Or do you just want to add a few cute and scary prints to the Halloween decorations already in your home? Or are you looking for Halloween designs for crafting projects? Here are 31 FREE Halloween printables you will love including two different word scramble games to play – one for adults and one for children – that you can print and use at your next Halloween gathering. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548263 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Ghosts, Goblins, And Ghouls Halloween Word Scramble Games Sun, 25 Oct 2020 20:10:03 CDT /Papercrafts/Ghosts-Goblins-And-Ghouls-Halloween-Word-Scramble-Games-82489 Looking for free Halloween printables for your next Halloween party or celebration? Halloween printable games and Halloween coloring pages plus a few Halloween puzzles are all included in this downable Halloween Activity Book for a total of 31 Halloween games, puzzles, and coloring pages for hours of fun! Plus, two types of free Halloween word scrambles are included – one for adults and one for children – that you can print and use at your next Halloween gathering. Make it a competition to see who finishes first! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548262 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Lavender Soap Sun, 25 Oct 2020 20:00:02 CDT /Candles-Soap/Lavender-Soap-82485 Learning how to make lavender soap at home is easy. The scent of lavender is so relaxing, you may find you want to keep them for yourself instead of giving them away as gifts as you intended! Just be sure to make extra soap for yourself. Homemade gifts are appreciated even more than their store bought counterparts. These DIY lavender soaps are simple and pretty and make wonderful gifts. In fact, you can make a bundle for the holidays by adding in our dried lavender candles and our lavender sugar scrub! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548258 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap Thanksgiving Word Scramble Sun, 25 Oct 2020 19:00:03 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Thanksgiving-Word-Scramble-82480 Every holiday has its charms, but there is nothing that compares to a full Thanksgiving dinner. I get so excited to fill up my plate with mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and ALL of the pie! Pass the time while you are waiting for dinner to be ready this year by filling out this Thanksgiving word scramble. You can work together to unscramble the words, or you can turn it into a bit of friendly competition. If you get stuck, there are hints for all of the answers in the illustrations on the page. Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready is tough, but hopefully this free printable will help the time go by a bit faster! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548255 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Fall Suncatchers Sun, 25 Oct 2020 18:20:03 CDT /Crafting-with-Kids/Fall-Suncatchers-82475 These fall suncatchers are a great way for kids to help decorate, especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner! Using a few supplies, kids can make several fall suncatchers to decorate windows and to brighten the shorter days of Fall. I’ve made a pumpkin, apple, and an acorn. The steps in this tutorial are the same for all of them, only the shape is different. If kids want to work on their scissor cutting skills, have them cut the tissue paper instead of tearing it.These fall suncatchers are a great way for kids to help decorate, especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner! Using a few supplies, kids can make several fall suncatchers to decorate windows and to brighten the shorter days of Fall. I’ve made a pumpkin, apple, and an acorn. The steps in this tutorial are the same for all of them, only the shape is different. If kids want to work on their scissor cutting skills, have them cut the tissue paper instead of tearing it. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548250 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with Kids Homemade Puzzle For Kids Us Sun, 25 Oct 2020 04:40:02 CDT /Papercrafts/Homemade-Puzzle-For-Kids-Us-82450 Homemade puzzle for kids made with cardboard.. A great children craft you can task the older kids to make for the younger kids to play with. Puzzles are great for building the cognitive skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. You can make the puzzles more challenging than the nine puzzle pieces pictured by making 12 pieces The materials needed to make your puzzle includes cardboard A4 paper Craft knife PVA glue Scissors Used coloured paper / Craft gem stones Click the link to follow the tutorial admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548228 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Mocha Cherry Shawl Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:20:03 CDT /Knitting/Mocha-Cherry-Shawl-82447 I have been wanting to try my hand at the half-circle shawls for a while, but I was somewhat reluctant, as I was under the impression that I'll have to learn some complicated knitting method to get the semicircle shape. This month I finally decided to put some effort and make one. I started by looking for a simple increasing pattern to use, followed by many trials and errors. I was finally able to come up with a pattern that suits me, a simple stitch-increasing repetition that will enable me to expand the size and make the shawl as big as I prefer. So this is my first half circle shawl. It is easy to make, and you can knit it using any other type of yarn you like. I had lots of fun making this shawl, so why don't you give it a go and make one for yourself! Stay safe and healthy, and see you in another post. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548226 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting Mystic Ripple Blanket Sat, 24 Oct 2020 22:00:02 CDT /Crochet/Mystic-Ripple-Blanket-82443 This chunky rippled blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a cup of tea or for throwing over the sofa arm for a farmhouse touch. Crocheted with a 12 mm hook and bulky yarn (like Wool-Ease Thick and Quick), the Mystic Ripple Blanket works up quickly with a repetitive, meditative stitch pattern that uses no complicated stitches. Excellent for advanced beginners or anyone who loves ripples. The pattern includes pictures and a video tutorial. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548224 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet French Macaron Amigurumi Dessert Food Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:20:06 CDT /Crochet/French-Macaron-Amigurumi-Dessert-Food-82413 The French Macaron is a sweet, little amigurumi dessert that serves as a lovely gift! You can easily customize this yummy looking macaroon using different yarn colors for the cookie and frosting filling. You can also add sprinkles, beads, or other embellishments. Make an assortment of rainbow macarons for different flavors to make the perfect gift. There are many holidays and occasions to use it as a present, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bridesmaids gifts, and appreciation or thank you gifts! Free written pattern + video tutorial available! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548220 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Hand Towel For Home Kitchen And Bathroom Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:20:04 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Hand-Towel-For-Home-Kitchen-And-Bathroom-82419 The Kitchen Hand Towel is a quick and easy beginner-friendly crochet pattern. With a buttoned strap, it can easily be hung on a rod in a kitchen or bathroom. It’s the perfect home décor project to make as a housewarming gift, thank you or appreciation gift, or birthday present. It’s also great to make for selling at craft fairs! You can easily customize the length of the towel or the straps by adding or decreasing rows. You can also customize it by changing yarn colors or using a fancy button to create a unique look! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548219 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Sage Phone Cozy Pouch Case Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:20:02 CDT /Crochet/Sage-Phone-Cozy-Pouch-Case-82425 The Sage Phone Pouch is a quick and easy beginner-friendly crochet pattern that is not only fun to make, but useful too! It serves as a protective cover for your mobile device, or as a handy bag for small items. This cute yet simple design features a strap that loops around a button to keep the content of the pouch safe from falling out. The size for this pattern is easily adjustable with written instructional tips, so it can be made into a custom fit case for any device, like a smartphone, iPad or tablet, Kindle, book, or even a laptop! It can also be customized by changing yarn colors or using a fancy button to create a unique look. This cozy is the perfect project to make as a thank you or appreciation gift, a birthday present, or for selling at craft fairs! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548218 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Christmas Elf Pixie Amigurumi Girl Doll Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:10:13 CDT /Crochet/Christmas-Elf-Pixie-Amigurumi-Girl-Doll-82431 The Christmas Elf Pixie is an adorable, sprite that loves the holiday season! This jolly girl wears a festive red and green outfit, complete with a Santa hat. She is a quick and easy amigurumi doll project that can also be easily customized by using different yarn colors, making different hair styles, and adding embellishments such as beads, buttons, and appliques. This elf is part of Sweet Softies’ Pocket Pixies Series. Like those other mini toys, this amigurumi is a great children gift for kids who love to play with small figures. Make her as a birthday or winter present today! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548217 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Northwest Coffee Sleeve & Cup Coaster Mug Rug Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:10:02 CDT /Crochet/Northwest-Coffee-Sleeve-Cup-Coaster-Mug-Rug-82440 The Northwest Coffee Sleeve is a lovely and quick-to-work-up cup cozy. You can customize this mug accessory with different yarn color combinations and your favorite buttons! Free written pattern and video tutorial available! ~~~ Size: 4.5 inches per side Level: ★☆☆☆☆ Easy / Beginner Requires familiarity with stitches used (below), attaching yarn, and sewing buttons. Stitches/Terms (US Terms): • FO: fasten off • Sk: skip • St: stitch • Ch: chain • Sl st: slip stitch • Sc: single crochet • Dc: double crochet Materials: • Medium weight 4 yarn • 6 mm crochet hook • Two medium-sized buttons • Yarn needle • Scissors admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548213 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Easy Lace Bonnet For Baby Girl Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:00:11 CDT /Crochet/Easy-Lace-Bonnet-For-Baby-Girl-82434 The Easy Lace Bonnet is a sweet vintage style hat that will make your little girl look absolutely precious! It features a textured look using simple stitches, and a lacy trim to the edge that gives off a fairytale vibe. The entire bonnet is crocheted in one piece, thus requiring no sewing at all. It is the perfect accessory and fits newborn babies from 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and is easily adjustable to accommodate additional sizes. Tips to crochet larger sizes are included in the pattern along with a hat sizing reference chart. Easy to put on and wear, it is practical, comfortable, and keeps heads warm. The traditional look of this bonnet doesn’t go out of fashion and will always trend with the more modern and contemporary pieces. It will make the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, craft fairs, and the like! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548212 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Fall Harvest Pumpkin Halloween Thanksgiving Decor Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:00:09 CDT /Crochet/Fall-Harvest-Pumpkin-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Decor-82435 The Fall Harvest Pumpkin is an easy and quick to work up crochet project for two different pumpkin sizes! You can also use this easily adjustable pattern to crochet pumpkins in many more custom sizes. This pattern features a beautiful ribbed texture made by working flat in rows, and then sewn together to create the three-dimensional shape. The yarn is held doubled for the larger pumpkin size. The Fall Harvest Pumpkin is perfect as Autumn décor for Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. They also make great gifts during this chillier season of the year, and will surely be a hit at craft fairs too. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548211 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Baby Pumpkin Head Halloween Amigurumi Doll Sat, 24 Oct 2020 18:00:05 CDT /Crochet/Baby-Pumpkin-Head-Halloween-Amigurumi-Doll-82437 The Baby Pumpkin Head is a “spooky cute” doll that is perfect for Halloween! Instead of surprising your special trick-or-treaters with candy this year, give them this adorable character that they will surely cherish and love all year long. The Baby Pumpkin Head is the perfect, pocket-sized buddy to crochet as a gift this October season, or as a miniature amigurumi to sell for Fall craft fairs. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this whimsical, chibi doll. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548209 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Daisy Dreams Boho Crossbody Bag Purse Pouch Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:50:06 CDT /Crochet/Daisy-Dreams-Boho-Crossbody-Bag-Purse-Pouch-82428 The Daisy Dreams Boho Bag is a beautiful crossbody purse that is fun, easy, and quick to crochet! It features a floral granny square motif, a beaded tassel “button”, and whimsical mini tassels to add to its rustic and spirited farmhouse charm. The length of the strap is easily adjustable. This design can be customized in many ways, such as using different yarn color combinations and adding embellishments (e.g., beads, pom poms, buttons, appliques). This accessory makes a great gift for teen girls and women who love fashion. It can be a suitable present for different holidays and occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, appreciation or thank you gifts, and more! This trendy bohemian piece will surely be a hit at craft fairs too. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548205 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Floral Mug Rug Granny Square Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:50:04 CDT /Crochet/Floral-Mug-Rug-Granny-Square-82429 The Floral Mug Rug is a lovely and quick-to-work-up cup coaster. You can customize this granny square with different yarn color combinations and add tassels to each of the four corners to make it extra cute! Free written pattern + video tutorial available. Size: 4.5 inches per side Level: ★★☆☆☆ Easy / Familiar Beginner Requires familiarity with stitches used (below). Stitches/Terms (US Terms): YO: yarn over Sp: space FO: fasten off Sl st: slip stitch Ch: chain Dc: double crochet Materials: Medium weight 4 yarn in desired colors 5.5 mm crochet hook (or size suitable for yarn weight used) Scissors admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548204 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Unicorn Pixie Amigurumi Girl Doll Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:40:09 CDT /Crochet/Unicorn-Pixie-Amigurumi-Girl-Doll-82421 The Unicorn Pixie is an adorable, little pocket sized doll that is quick and easy to crochet. This magical fantasy creature has a unicorn horn and ears, flower crown, highlights in her hair, and a lacy frill skirt. This amigurumi design is very versatile and can easily be customized by using different yarn colors to change up the pastel cotton candy theme, making different hairstyles, or adding embellishments such as beads, buttons, and appliques. This beautiful doll is a great gift for kids who love to play with small toys. She also makes for a great birthday, Christmas, holiday present! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548201 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Kitten Pixie Amigurumi Doll Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:40:02 CDT /Crochet/Kitten-Pixie-Amigurumi-Doll-82424 The Kitten Pixie is an adorable, little pocket sized doll that is quick and easy to crochet. This sweet kitty cat sports a flared, A-line dress with lace frills and a cute bow over one ear. This amigurumi design is very versatile and can easily be customized by using different yarn colors to change up the outfit, or by adding embellishments like beads, buttons, and appliques. A cute fur buddy like the Kitten Pixie makes a great gift for kids, children, and little girls who love to play with small toys. She also makes for a wonderful birthday, Christmas, or holiday present! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548198 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Unicorn Macaron Amigurumi French Dessert Food Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:30:08 CDT /Crochet/Unicorn-Macaron-Amigurumi-French-Dessert-Food-82416 The Unicorn Macaron is a sweet, little floral amigurumi dessert that serves as a lovely gift or cute and cheery desk buddy! You can easily customize this fantasy macaroon using different yarn colors for the flowers, horn, cookie, and frosting filling. You can also add sprinkles, beads, or other embellishments to this popular French treat. There are many holidays and occasions to use it as a present, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bridesmaids gifts, and appreciation or thank you gifts! Free written pattern + video tutorial available! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548195 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Alpaca Llama Amigurumi Planter Pot Cozy Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:30:02 CDT /Crochet/Alpaca-Llama-Amigurumi-Planter-Pot-Cozy-82418 The Alpaca Planter is a quick, easy, and fun amigurumi crochet project that makes a lovely office desk buddy! It’s a perfect gift for those who love alpacas and llamas, and those who love having indoor succulent plants too. This plant cozy pattern fits a standard 2” clay pot, though it’s easy to adapt the pattern to fit different sizes as a cup or mug cozy, container, or basket. You can also easily customize this design with different yarn colors for the pot cozy, and flowers. Add beads, tassels, pom poms, buttons, appliques, and other embellishments to make this South American desert animal truly unique. Give it as a gift for different holidays and occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, appreciation or thank you gifts, and more! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548193 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Easy Ribbed Turban With Bow Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:20:15 CDT /Crochet/Easy-Ribbed-Turban-With-Bow-82408 The Easy Ribbed Turban is a quick and beginner-friendly hat pattern, which has additional instructions for adding an optional bow applique. Simple stitches make up this stylish, boho beanie. It’s a true fashion statement that is trending with top knot headwraps right now. It’s also practical, comfortable, and will keep your head warm during the chilly Fall and cold Winter seasons! This accessory is great for selling at craft fairs as it’s so quick to work up, and also makes a perfect birthday, holiday, and/or Christmas gift! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548192 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Anne Of Green Gables Amigurumi Doll Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:20:09 CDT /Crochet/Anne-Of-Green-Gables-Amigurumi-Doll-82410 This Anne of Green Gables design features the famous and charming orphan wearing her hat, green dress, white apron, and recognizable red hair in braids. This doll makes the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the classic book or TV series (Anne with an E). This doll pattern is a variation of Sweet Softies’ Baby Bean Doll. To make Anne, you will also need pattern instructions for the Baby Bean doll base (Free Pattern on Sweet Softies Blog). admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548190 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Hawaiian Hula Dancer Amigurumi Girl Doll Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:20:03 CDT /Crochet/Hawaiian-Hula-Dancer-Amigurumi-Girl-Doll-82412 The Hawaiian Hula Dancer features this sweet Pacific Islander girl named Leilani. She wears a red top, a removable green hula skirt, and a removable crown of beautiful, red flowers in her long, black hair. This is a relatively quick and easy crochet project, and makes the perfect gift for kids who would love playing with toy dolls that have accessories! This doll pattern is a variation of Sweet Softies’ Baby Bean Doll. To make the Hawaiian Hula Girl, you will also need pattern instructions for the Baby Bean doll base, a free pattern on the Sweet Softies blog. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548188 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Festive Light Crochet Blanket Sat, 24 Oct 2020 09:40:03 CDT /Crochet/Festive-Light-Crochet-Blanket-82392 This festive light crochet blanket is supposed to remind folks of stringing the sparkly lights on the Holiday tree. The ribbed border is a bit wider to help visualize the tree; whereas the bobbles are three different colors to resemble the lit decorations. This crochet blanket pattern is an absolute pleasure to stitch up with an interesting mix of stitches. Texture is created subtly throughout the pattern using a mixture of fun and easy crochet stitches: double crochet, herringbone half double crochet, bobble stitch, and single crochet. Inspiration for Crochet Afghan I mentioned to my daughter that she needed to help me pick out some yarn colors for a Holiday blanket. That was four months ago now. She picked out these colors and told me she wanted Christmas Tree Lights in the three different colors going through the blanket. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548178 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Oasis Gloves Sat, 24 Oct 2020 06:00:02 CDT /Crochet/Oasis-Gloves-82388 The Oasis gloves (mittens, really), use fingering weight yarn and simple single crochet with a front post and back post crochet ribbed cuff. They also feature an optional slot for your index finger to be able to stick out to use cell phones or other touch-screen devices without having to take off the entire mitten! The pattern comes with a matching simple headband design and is available for free on my blog, with the option to purchase a printable PDF version. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548174 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Retro Ornament Bunting Fri, 23 Oct 2020 17:19:17 CDT /Crochet/Retro-Ornament-Bunting "This bunting pattern was inspired by the Retro Ornament Throw I designed for Red Heart. Decorate your couch with the throw, and your walls or chimney with the bunting! The ornaments utilize 3 colors of Red Heart Sparkle Soft and then the edging and bunting is all white to bring it all together. The Sparkle Soft adds some additional festivity with its glittery sparkle. Size Ornaments 5 x 4.25 Bunting 85 Yarn Red Heart Sparkle Soft Color A Coral 9291 30 g/55 yd Color B Plum 9561 30 g/55 yd Color C Dynasty 9504 30 g/55 yd Color D White 9001 20 g/37 yd Hook/Needles US-I/9, 5.5mm Gauge not so important Other supplies yarn needle Stitches and Abbreviations ch chain bphdc back post half double crochet dc double crochet hdc half double crochet sc single crochet sl st slip stitch sp(s) space(s) st(s) stitch(es) tr treble crochet" admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 202435 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Ripple V Stitch Fri, 23 Oct 2020 17:17:28 CDT /Crochet/Ripple-V-Stitch "This ripple stitch has always been one of my favorite when it comes to the Ripple Zig Zag afghans. It looks complicated but it's really very simple, and given how it's done it really POPS when using more than one color, really giving it more of a ruffle look. The pattern includes chart and video tutorials for both right and left handed, also the pattern comes with pictures to help you master this stitch in no time! Go ahead and start mastering it now and be ready to make those afghans when winter is almost here!" admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 202433 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Dancing Sheep Mug Cozy Fri, 23 Oct 2020 17:16:55 CDT /Crochet/Dancing-Sheep-Mug-Cozy "Do you or someone you know love fiber, sheep or hot beverages? What about all 3? Because, Im not saying this is the perfect little accessory for them but I do think theyd get a kick out of it. This mug cozy will be the next best thing in the gift you give to someone else or yourself. Challenge yourself with this pattern and see how many aws you can get." admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 201856 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Easy Vertical Succulent Garden From A Wood Pallet Fri, 23 Oct 2020 15:08:14 CDT /Garden-and-Outdoor/Easy-Vertical-Succulent-Garden-From-A-Wood-Pallet-80657 Do you still have a pallet? Dont throw it away, because you can do such fun things with it in the garden. From lounge sofas to vegetable gardens pallets are fantastic! This time I will tell you how to make a vertical succulent garden.What do you need?A palletMultiple types of succulentsWeed barrierAbout 5 bags of succulent soilWhat should you do?A vertical garden is incredibly easy to make if you stick to the following step-by-step plan. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 546544 at www.favecrafts.com Garden and Outdoor Thieves Oil Foaming Hand Soap Recipe Fri, 23 Oct 2020 10:30:07 CDT /Candles-Soap/Thieves-Oil-Foaming-Hand-Soap-Recipe-82350 Learn how to make a Thieves oil foaming hand soap recipe. This is a very easy recipe that uses liquid castile soap, so you can make a batch in about 5 minutes! It uses a blend of essential oils called Thieves oil. This saves you a lot of money versus buying the real thing or buying any hand soap, and it's nontoxic and all natural. I like using a foaming dispenser to stretch the soap more and make this even cheaper. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548144 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap Zipper Tabs Tutorial Thu, 22 Oct 2020 23:50:03 CDT /Sewing/Zipper-Tabs-Tutorial-82337 Zipper tabs are a great way of shortening or lengthening zippers and add a personal touch. Today I’m going to show you a super easy zipper tabs tutorial so that you don’t need to be looking for the perfect zipper for ages. Ever needed a zipper and didn’t find the size you were looking for? Well, it did happen to me a lot! The solution was to reduce it and sew a zipper tab at the end. But how to make a zipper pull tab? In this zipper tabs tutorial I’ll show you how easy and fun making a zipper tab is! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548133 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Make An Inspirational Quote Plaque Using Clay Thu, 22 Oct 2020 21:50:02 CDT /Clays/Make-An-Inspirational-Quote-Plaque-Using-Clay-82323 Make you or someone you love an inspirational quote plaque. Choose any inspiring quote and use alphabet stamps to stamp ia quote or saying into polymer clay. From there, add more stamped images and paint it how you want. As an extra tip, use paint pens or gel pens to color the words in your quote. Make someone’s day, or even just your own, by inspiring them with a personalized quote and give it as a special gift. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548121 at www.favecrafts.com Clays How To Make A Paper Pencil Box Easy? Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:59:41 CDT /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-A-Paper-Pencil-Box-Easy-82277 PENAL (from Latin penna - pen).Pencil case is a small case designed for storing various stationery, primarily pencils and pens, but also erasers and rulers. Now a pencil case is a must-see in a backpack or bag of any student. But how old this subject is is hard to answer unequivocally.Watch the video How to easily make a pencil case out of paper.Link to video Making a pencil case from paper takes 20 minutes. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and like. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548102 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Face Mask Pattern Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:10:16 CDT /Sewing/Face-Mask-Pattern-68554 Make your own reusable face mask that is breathable, comfortable to wear and easy to sew with this simple face mask pattern! An adorable fabric face mask pattern made in the fabric you love! Hey, guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you a little project I wasn’t very happy to make: a face mask pattern! This project was inspired by the illness situation we’re all going through right now! It wasn’t a happy project because I would very much rather spend my time sewing other stuff that is fun and enjoyable instead of sewing because there’s no other choice at the moment. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 534018 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing How To Sew A Face Mask Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:09:44 CDT /Sewing/How-To-Sew-A-Face-Mask-67834 Learn how to sew a face mask with this quick and easy picture tutorial. Mix and match your favorite fabrics to create this stylish yet functional piece for both you and your family. Perfectly pleated to give you breathable protection from the outside world. Will not completely protect you from virus' but will give you a bit more piece of mind to go about your day in the outside world. Make a bunch of these this weekend! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 533247 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Face Mask Cover DIYs + Where to Donate Face Masks Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:09:17 CDT /Sewing/Face-Mask-Cover-DIY-Where-to-Donate Make a DIY face mask cover for an N95 mask or to wear by itself, and learn where you can donate masks to make a difference in your area. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 534218 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Diy Dice Bag Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:20:02 CDT /Sewing/Diy-Dice-Bag-82297 Never lose your dice again with the help of this DIY dice bag! In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a dice bag by using a dice bag sewing pattern. The dice bag pattern is completely free and easy to download and use, so you’ll be able to prepare it for action in just a few minutes. Our dice bag tutorial is simple and straightforward, which makes it suitable for sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels and experience. It doesn’t have any complex pockets or compartments, instead, it uses a drawstring design that allows you to keep the dice safely inside the pouch. You can also download our free dice bag embroidery patterns and use them to decorate your new pouch! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548093 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing How to Iron: The Basics Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:19:59 CDT /Techniques/How-to-Iron-the-Basics What Youll NeedThe first thing youll need, of course, is a decent iron. Look for an iron that will provide you with continuous steam, and one that doesnt leak or spit water. You will also need a sturdy ironing board, with a surface that is wide enough so you wont have to keep repositioningyour clothes as youre ironing. An ironing board with double wishbone legs and heavy-duty tube frame construction will provide you with extra stability. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547694 at www.favecrafts.com Techniques & Tips Fluid Art Delicate Flower Painting with Marabu Alcohol Inks Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:14:39 CDT /Painting/Fluid-Art-Delicate-Flower-Painting-with-Marabu-Alcohol-Inks Learn how to create stunning delicate works of fluid art with vibrant and versatile alcohol inks on a variety of surfaces, such as Grafix Craft Plastic or Yupo sheets. The wonderful thing about using Alcohol Inks on non-porous surfaces is that your artwork can be easily reworked until youre satisfied with the result. If you want to change the colors or lighten the image anywhere, just add additional Extender or isopropyl alcohol. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547693 at www.favecrafts.com Painting FaveHat Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:11:54 CDT /Knit-Hat-Patterns/FaveHat The colors only those in-the-know will know the lime green, teal, and hot pink of FaveCrafts.com! Now that FaveCrafts is ten years old, it's made quite a name for itself as the go-to for free crafting projects. Celebrate your love of FaveCrafts.com at your next crafting or yarn convention by knitting up a FaveHat. This easy knit hat pattern can be accomplished by anyone with the skills necessary to knit in the round. The simple colorblocked pattern is great for those who have never knit colorwork before and would love to give it a shot. Love FaveCrafts but not a fan of the colors? Pick any colors you want! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 519724 at www.favecrafts.com Knit Hat Patterns Felt House Ornaments and Garland Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:08:50 CDT /Ornaments/Felt-House-Ornaments-and-Garland FELT HOUSE. Finished size approx. 6 high and 5 across the bottom of the roof. Read all instructions before beginning the project admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547695 at www.favecrafts.com Ornaments Reliable Corporation Thu, 22 Oct 2020 10:30:57 CDT /Craft-Manufacturers/Reliable-Corp-Profile Reliable is a successful family business. Founded in 1955 by the father of the current CEO, Reliable has grown from a small provider of sewing machines to an industry leader serving several markets. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548087 at www.favecrafts.com Craft Companies Hoffman Fabrics Thu, 22 Oct 2020 10:13:28 CDT /Craft-Manufacturers/Hoffman-Fabrics Hoffman California Fabrics designs and manufactures premium screenprinted and hand-dyed fabrics for independent retailers focused on the quilting and home-sewing markets, and for other manufacturers and entrepreneurs. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548085 at www.favecrafts.com Craft Companies Knitter's Pride Thu, 22 Oct 2020 10:09:01 CDT /Craft-Manufacturers/Knitters-Pride-Profile No matter what your project, yarn, or other preferences may be, weve got a needle or hook thats perfect for you! We have spent years developing our extensive line of knitting needles and crochet hooks with the help of an international panel of knitters and crocheters and stand behind our products to ensure complete satisfaction for our fans. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548081 at www.favecrafts.com Craft Companies How To Crochet A Little Witchy Tea Light Thu, 22 Oct 2020 05:20:02 CDT /Crochet/How-To-Crochet-A-Little-Witchy-Tea-Light-82264 Halloween, the time of the year to be spooky and witchy! I designed a witch hat for a tea LID light! The lights can be hanged up with a light, but is also possible to make them without a tea LID light! Very easy to make and it only takes 30 minutes! The used stitches are only single crochets. The had is made in two parts, but shares a basic ring of chains. The top hat is made first, there after the brume. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548069 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Pumpkins Thu, 22 Oct 2020 05:10:01 CDT /Crochet/Pumpkins--82262 This crochet pattern will help you create crochet pumpkins in 2 different sizes. You can make as little it as many as you like, I chose to make 3 to create a little display ready for Halloween. The small pumpkin measures 6cm tall by 10cm wide, the medium crochet pumpkin is a little larger and measures 8cm tall by 11cm wide. You will need 3 colours of DK yarn, a tapestry needle and a 4mm crochet hook and toy stuffing. This pattern is easy level with moderate sewing required. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know basic stitches (sc, hdc, dc) You’ll also need to know how to work into front and back loops. The pattern is 4 pages long and includes progress photos, gauge information and finished sizes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548068 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make Clear Vinyl Zipper Bags Thu, 22 Oct 2020 03:00:04 CDT /Sewing/How-To-Make-Clear-Vinyl-Zipper-Bags-82260 I needed more bags, bigger bags, and ones with a totally closed top so I gave it a try with a zipper and a small gusset at the bottom for a bit more volume. They turned out really nicely and are just what I was looking for to put my fabric, pattern, zipper, and thread together for future project planning. Check out this free tutorial on how to make a clear zipper bag. Happy sewing! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548066 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Pumpkin Spice Body Butter Wed, 21 Oct 2020 20:00:08 CDT /Candles-Soap/Pumpkin-Spice-Body-Butter-82245 Pumpkin spice body butter is a delicious way to pamper and moisturize your skin while enjoying your favorite scent. Make this DIY today. I love making my own personal care products to pamper myself. If you’re looking for a thick winter body butter recipe, this is it. Winter dries out my skin so much. And, it seems like no matter how much hand lotion I use, it just doesn’t help. This makes a wonderful gift idea for anyone on your list this year. You can put it in a pretty glass jar and tie it with a ribbon to dress it up Then, just add a candle and a pair of slippers and they are set for a pampering evening. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548060 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap Paper Cactus Crafts Wed, 21 Oct 2020 19:30:08 CDT /Papercrafts/Paper-Cactus-Crafts-82231 Do you want to know why I love paper cactus crafts? I love them because I cannot manage to keep a real cactus alive. I do fine outside in my vegetable and herb garden, but most houseplants don’t last long. The kids tease me all the time that I killed the spider plant. I am not a house plant kind of girl. You don’t need to be a rock star crafter to manage this craft. It can easily be done by adults or kids. And, since it’s back to school time, chances are you have stocked up on all of these Elmer’s products already. If you haven’t, now is the time. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548048 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Diy Wed, 21 Oct 2020 19:20:08 CDT /Storage-and-Organization/Mason-Jar-Bathroom-Storage-Diy-82219 This Mason Jar bathroom storage DIY is a simple way to dress up your bathroom and give you a little bit more storage room. Mason Jar crafts are one of my favorites because they use up something that I already have so many of. You will need a Cricut Maker or Cricut Joy with a fine point blade for this Mason Jar bathroom storage DIY. That is how you print out the labels that you’ll use. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548044 at www.favecrafts.com Storage & Organization Homemade Bath Soaks With Dried Herbs & Oats Wed, 21 Oct 2020 19:20:06 CDT /Candles-Soap/Homemade-Bath-Soaks-With-Dried-Herbs-Oats-82225 Homemade bath soaks are one of the ways that I try to relax at the end of the day. It’s not always easy to find time to pamper yourself and escape from whatever worries or responsibilities you have for a few minutes. Using homemade bath soaks lets me turn a regular bath into something a bit more special. By making homemade bath soaks, I can pamper myself while keeping the costs down. I also know that the homemade bath soaks I’m using don’t contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients that are bad for the environment. I originally shared this post in 2013 but wanted to update for my readers who haven’t seen it. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548043 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap Upcycled Rope Vase Wed, 21 Oct 2020 19:10:08 CDT /Glass/Upcycled-Rope-Vase-82222 Why upcycling vases? How many vases do you have in your home right now? If you’re anything like I was, the answer is probably more than I want. Most of the vases I’ve been given are plain glass vases. There’s nothing really special about them and they’re not overly attractive. So, they sit and aren’t used. This beautiful upcycled rope vase is perfect for displaying in your living room with some gorgeous roses or other flowers! It will bring some cheer to any room. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548038 at www.favecrafts.com Glass Farmhouse Style Fabric Pumpkins Wed, 21 Oct 2020 18:10:03 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Farmhouse-Style-Fabric-Pumpkins-82218 Create your own farmhouse style vibe this fall. These DIY Farmhouse Style Fabric Pumpkins are easy and so pretty to display. These farmhouse fabric pumpkins will be the perfect fall centerpiece for your farmhouse look. I love the farmhouse style. And it is not just because I live on a farm. It’s light and airy and thanks to Joanna Gaines is so popular right now. Creating your own farmhouse style is not as hard as it sounds. You can easily make Your Own Farmhouse Style Fabric Pumpkins. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548034 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Cutouts For Halloween Luminaries Wed, 21 Oct 2020 17:02:11 CDT /Papercrafts/Cutouts-For-Halloween-Luminaries-82199 Luminaries are perfect for adding a little holiday light wherever you need it. This Halloween, use them as accent lighting for your favorite decor. Or if you're putting out self-serve candy, let luminaries direct trick-or-treaters to their treats! These free luminary stencils include designs of The Child (Baby Yoda) from The Mandalorian, Dave the Minion, Scooby-Doo, a superhero, plus classic images like a witch, cat, and jack-o-lantern. Simply print and carefully cut out your favorite stencils, then tape them to white paper bags with LED tea lights inside. Then place them wherever you need some fun Halloween light! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548026 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts AccuQuilt Wed, 21 Oct 2020 16:53:26 CDT /Craft-Manufacturers/AccuQuilt-Profile At AccuQuilt, our mission is to create joy through quilting by providing innovative solutions that make cutting fabric easy, fast, accurate and safe using the GO! and Studio Fabric Cutting Systems, along with other fabric cutting solutions. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548028 at www.favecrafts.com Craft Companies Holiday How-To: Thanksgiving Crafts and Pumpkin Recipes Wed, 21 Oct 2020 16:25:16 CDT /Thanksgiving/Holiday-How-To-Thanksgiving-Crafts-and-Pumpkin-Recipes-eBook Welcome friends and family to your home with the abundant blessings of handcrafted home dcor and fall comfort food recipes from Holiday How-To Thanksgiving Crafts and Pumpkin Recipes. Thanksgiving craft projects and recipes are highly sought after from the first to the last days of autumn. The smells, tastes, and colors of the season can truly transport you to another time and place. With this extensive collection, you can make something you can display with pride this holiday season. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 105109 at www.favecrafts.com Thanksgiving Dollar Tree Fall Farmhouse Sign Wed, 21 Oct 2020 15:30:12 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Dollar-Tree-Fall-Farmhouse-Sign-82207 This cute fall or Thanksgiving farmhouse sign is made from Dollar Tree supplies! I found the picture, the rope, and the actual sign at Dollar Tree, but the flowers are from Dollar General for $1. So the total cost is still $4. This is easy to do in about an hour. You'll also need Mod Podge and a glue gun to make this sign. You can easily change the design to make several for all year long. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548024 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Paper Frills For Crown Roast Or Pencil Toppers Wed, 21 Oct 2020 13:10:07 CDT /Christmas-Crafts/Paper-Frills-For-Crown-Roast-Or-Pencil-Toppers-82190 Make paper frills for your Christmas turkeys or even as pencil toppers. Present your chicken, turkey or lamb cutlets in an elegant way by make your own frills with paper. Easy to make with simple materials and can be made in minutes. Materials needed to make your Christmas or thanksgiving paper frills include Paper Ruler Scissors Glue stick You could also use this method to make huge pom moms. Use a dowel to use as a handle for the pom poms. === === === === admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 548005 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts How to Wash Tie Dye Shirts and Projects Wed, 21 Oct 2020 11:14:07 CDT /Tie-Dye/How-to-Wash-Tie-Dye-Shirts-and-Projects Washing your tie dye projects and tie dye shirts properly is imperative to keeping colors bright and projects perfect. If you do not care for tie dye properly, the shirts can fade much more quickly than you would like. Even the smartest, prettiest, and most stunning tie dye folding techniques and tie dye folding tutorials can be ruined by not properly caring for your project post-dyeing. The instructions below explain exactly How to Wash Tie Dye Shirts and Projects to insure that your colors do not run. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 187140 at www.favecrafts.com Tie-Dye DIY Dollhouse Credenza Wed, 21 Oct 2020 09:29:10 CDT /Unexpected-Ideas/DIY-Dollhouse-Credenza-82181 I cant stop working on my Barbie house! The other day I spotted these inexpensive little wooden boxes in the check-out aisle of Michaels and I just knew they would make the perfect little midcentury modern credenza for Barbies living room. And after you take a look at this easy dollhouse credenza tutorial, I think youll agree with me. Its modern, fresh, and definitely not something youd spot in one of Mattels pink plastic track homes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547998 at www.favecrafts.com Miscellaneous Crafts Neo Mint Crochet Cable Hat Wed, 21 Oct 2020 08:30:01 CDT /Crochet/Neo-Mint-Crochet-Cable-Hat-82180 Sophisticated crochet cables and a deep ribbed brim makes the Neo Crochet Cable Hat the perfect winter beanie crochet pattern to make and add to your wardrobe. Worked completely flat, this quick and simple hat is effortlessly stylish and will suit everyone. The hat is constructed by working the brim band flat in rows then rotating to work the body in flat rows along the edge of the brim band. The hat is seamed up the side and gathered at the top to ensure a cosy, snug fit. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547997 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Winter Placemat & Coaster Set Tue, 20 Oct 2020 21:20:06 CDT /Crochet/Winter-Placemat-Coaster-Set-82161 Last week I shared my Fall Placemat and Coaster Set. I loved it so much that I wanted to design a winter themed version. What do ya think? I was a little worried about the size of the tree on the coaster based on the pixel graph but I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thankfully, the height of the half double crochet stitches stretched it up so it looks to scale. As mentioned in last weeks post, this pattern can be used as a placemat or a pillow cover. It's a two for one pattern! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547987 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Candy Corn Mini C2c Tue, 20 Oct 2020 20:50:10 CDT /Crochet/Candy-Corn-Mini-C2c-82154 If you're following me on Instagram you probably already know how much I love Halloween and corner to corner (c2c) crochet. I decided to put these two loves together and designed a couple of Halloween themed mini corner to corner (c2c) graphs. These graphs are very versatile. You can use them to make small tote bags, pillows, wall art or as part of a holiday graphgan. What will you make? Let me know on Instagram! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547982 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Ghost Mini C2c Tue, 20 Oct 2020 20:50:08 CDT /Crochet/Ghost-Mini-C2c-82155 If you're following me on Instagram you probably already know how much I love Halloween and corner to corner (c2c) crochet. I decided to put these two loves together and designed a couple of Halloween themed mini corner to corner (c2c) graphs. These graphs are very versatile. You can use them to make small tote bags, pillows, wall art or as part of a holiday graphgan. What will you make? Let me know on Instagram! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547981 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Dana Scarf Tue, 20 Oct 2020 19:10:08 CDT /Crochet/Dana-Scarf-82150 Get cozy this fall and winter with the Dana Scarf, a free and easy crochet pattern that gives you lots of whimsy and customization options. This design features an easy to master repeat that is fun and easy to work on while watching your favorite seasonal movie or bingable tv show. Great for gifting. Can be made with or without the fringe. Yarn: light worsted Gauge:14 stitches and 10 rows = 4 inches in Hdc Hook size:5.0 mm (H) Yardage: 440 - 460 yards (402 - 421 m) Sizes available: 1 size: Height 7.5” - 8” Width: 65” - 66” (not including tassels) admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547975 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Concentric Squares Throw Blanket Tue, 20 Oct 2020 18:50:10 CDT /Crochet/Concentric-Squares-Throw-Blanket-82147 Who needs diamonds when you can have squares? And with the Concentric Squares Throw you get a mesmerizing arrangement of squares that is both chic and cozy. And nothing is better than a cuddly crochet blanket once that last end is woven in. Yarn weight: worsted Gauge: 6 stitches and 6 rows = 4 inches in C2C Hook size: US 4.0 mm (G) Yardage: 55 - 60 yards (50 - 55 m) Sizes available: Square: 8" x 8", Blanket 40" x 56" admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547971 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Lace Choker With Fringe Tue, 20 Oct 2020 16:40:02 CDT /Wearable-Crafts/Lace-Choker-With-Fringe-82143 I love making chokers and this is a super fun and easy way to make a lace choker with a big impact! Starting with heavy lace, pick something with a beautiful pattern and shape. Add some ribbons and voila! A beautiful statement necklace. You can also add a brooch or other embellishments if you wanted to, it's up to you. This project requires only a few supplies and it's super easy! With a slightly gothic feel, it's perfect for this time of year. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547969 at www.favecrafts.com Wearable Crafts Dia De Los Muertos Mask Tue, 20 Oct 2020 16:30:02 CDT /Seasonal/Dia-De-Los-Muertos-Mask--82141 Looking to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, but not wanting to wear the make-up? This Dia de Los Muertos Mask is a fun alternative when you can’t paint your face. The veil also covers up your face mask if you need to wear one where you’ll be celebrating this year. This project starts with a simple white mask, adding paint, flowers, a veil, and some ribbons to make your mask complete. Feel free to mix up the colors and have fun with it! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547968 at www.favecrafts.com Seasonal Scribbled Pumpkins Tue, 20 Oct 2020 16:02:29 CDT /Halloween-Crafts/Scribbled-Pumpkins Do you love to doodle? Then you'll love these bright and bold scribble pumpkin designs. Brighten your fall decor by painting your pumpkins with a fun, unique pattern. Add lines, dots, swirls, and more to give your harvest pumpkins a twist. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547692 at www.favecrafts.com Halloween Crafts 2 Step Diy Coastal Christmas Starfish Tue, 20 Oct 2020 12:34:18 CDT /Christmas-Crafts/2-Step-Diy-Coastal-Christmas-Starfish-82118 We love coastal, and this easy 2 Step DIY Coastal Christmas Starfish is no exception. Coastal is just one of the things we love about this craft, we also love it because its super easy to make, taking less then ten minutes to accomplish with only TWO steps! Now, this is a project we can all manage to put together during the busy holiday season. Coastal is all about bringing the beach into your home. Colours such as teal, white, accents of red, and natural woods will look great with a beachy themed holiday. Putting this craft together is so easy, just arrange how you want it to look and then glue it! Once its done, it looks like something that could be bought from Home Sense or Pottery Barn! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547942 at www.favecrafts.com Christmas Crafts Seamen’s Church Institute Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:27:23 CDT /Craft-Manufacturers/Seamens-Church-Institute Christmas at Sea is the Seamens Church Institutes tradition of distributing handmade knit crocheted gifts to mariners at Christmastime. Its an expression of gratitude for all they do to make our modern way of life possible. Over 90% of everything we touch and feel comes to us over water. Its hard to be far away from home, especially during the holiday season. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547928 at www.favecrafts.com Craft Companies Super Warm Winter Beanie Tue, 20 Oct 2020 06:10:02 CDT /Crochet/Super-Warm-Winter-Beanie-82105 This super warm beanie is mainly crocheted with the V-puff stitch. The technique used to tighten this stitch makes the beanie even softer and warmer. Very handy for the coming winter days! The yarn used falls under the 'medium' category and is very pleasant to crochet. You can make this hat in less than two days. The hat is worked top down. The pattern is written in a table format so that it is very clear how you crochet each round. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547918 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make An Origami Paper Purse? Mon, 19 Oct 2020 19:03:15 CDT /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-An-Origami-Paper-Purse-82083 Making crafts with your own hands develops the creative potential of the child. A simple material for these purposes is paper. Due to the different density, variety of colors, beautiful things can be created from it. In this manual, we will talk about how to make a paper purse for household purposes. You can store clippings and other little things in such a product. For the child, it will become an important detail in the games.Watch a video on how to make a handbag out of colored paper. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547898 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Crochet Snowman In Love Mon, 19 Oct 2020 14:30:10 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Snowman-In-Love-82074 Say “I love you!” to someone special in your life with this crochet Snowman in Love! You can use this Snowman as an applique or you can make a crochet Snowman in Love ornament for the Christmas tree. This Snowman applique will be perfect for a Christmas or Valentine’s Day card. Finished size: Crochet Snowman in Love applique is about 4”(10 cm) tall. Materials: Patons Grace light weight #3 cotton yarn, colors – white (Snow), red (Cardinal), Aqua (Aquafier) admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547890 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Crochet Pizza Heart Mon, 19 Oct 2020 13:50:04 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Pizza-Heart-82071 This Pizza applique will make a nice small gift or can be used as a cute embellishment. You can use this Pizza for holidays, birthdays, any other occasion. By using this applique for homemade greeting cards, you can make a cute Valentine’s Day card. Finished Size: This Pizza Heart is about 3-1/2” Yarn: Medium weight #4 yarn. Colors: yellow (Color A), brown (Color B). Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton thread size #10, color – red Hook and Other Materials: Crochet hook H/8 – 5 mm Crochet hook 6/1.8 mm Sewing needle admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547886 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make An Origami Mini Notebook Mon, 19 Oct 2020 13:44:43 CDT /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-An-Origami-Mini-Notebook-81978 At all times, since the first book appeared, people have not stopped reading. Books have always been an integral part of human life.The book is the largest treasury in the world, containing the wealth of all peoples. A book is a time machine that can tell us about the past, tell about the present, show the future.The book is a way of exploring the world for adults and children.Small origami paper books are an educational project for children. This paper book model can be made in 15 minutes.Watch a video on how to make a mini-book out of paper. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547882 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Crochet Halloween Tooth Pumpkin Mon, 19 Oct 2020 13:40:02 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Halloween-Tooth-Pumpkin-82070 This crochet Tooth Pumpkin will make a cute handmade gift for your favorite dentist! If your child is expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy during Halloween, you can use this applique to embellish a Tooth Fairy Pillow, Tooth Fairy Pouch or Bag. Finished Size: This Tooth Pumpkin is about 3” (7.5 cm) tall. Yarn: Medium weight #4 yarn. I used Lily Sugar’n Cream medium weight #4 cotton yarn. Hook and Other Materials: Crochet hook H/8 – 5 mm, Black embroidery floss, Sticky-back googly eyes, Stitch Marker. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547883 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make A Jumping Paper Frog Mon, 19 Oct 2020 10:33:08 CDT /Papercrafts/How-To-Make-A-Jumping-Paper-Frog-81809 The paper frog is one of the most beloved children's crafts because the craft can be quickly and easily folded, and the paper frog actually jumps funny. Like other amphibians, the frog lives both on land and in water. The skin of frogs is smooth and slippery, and is attached to the body in only a few places, that is, the frog is, as it were, dressed in a loose robe. Four times a year the frogs change clothes - change their skin. The fact is that frogs breathe both lungs and skin, and their skin is bare and covered with mucus, so if the mucus dries up, the frog will die. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547867 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts DIY Color Experiment Mon, 19 Oct 2020 09:55:24 CDT /Papercrafts/DIY-Color-Experiment-81969 I recently saw a YouTuber use Kool-Aid to dye paper. I thought the Kool-Aid looked similar to shimmer powder. I also thought instead of staining the paper with kool-aid we could just paint with it. So the experiment began by going to the grocery store and seeing what colors I could find. I basically bought yellow, red, blue, and purple. Each package was about twenty-five cents. So home I went to try out our Kool-Aid colors. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547866 at www.favecrafts.com Paper Crafts Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Card Mon, 19 Oct 2020 09:46:48 CDT /Handmade-Cards/Day-Of-The-Dead-Sugar-Skull-Card-81965 I want to share an easy way to create a sugar skull card. This card is super simple to make with few supplies minimal time. I repurposed a cardstock skull from hanging decorations that I bought during a Halloween clearance sale. Then simply adhere different color round gems to accentuate the design on the skull. TIP Place the gems without glue to practice the placement so that you are satisfied with the balance of colors. To avoid frustration, take a photo of the project before you move anything and then use a clear drying adhesive to finalize the design. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547864 at www.favecrafts.com Handmade Cards Altered Altoid Tins For Gift Giving Mon, 19 Oct 2020 09:17:07 CDT /Green-Crafting/Altered-Altoid-Tins-For-Gift-Giving-81960 I had so much fun altering these Altoid tins for gift giving. They are the perfect size for gift cards or money or a little piece of jewelry tucked inside. Since they are decorated they make a cute little trinket box after the gift is received. The little Altoid tins are decorated with scraps of trim and metal charms. Each one is whimsical and can be tailored with the occasion in mind. You can make each altered Altoid Tin truly OOAK. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547859 at www.favecrafts.com Green Crafting Doll In A Box Costume Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:50:03 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Doll-In-A-Box-Costume-82011 I order a lot of the things I need in my day-to-day life online, which means I collect plenty of boxes. So this year it only made sense to recycle some of those boxes and make a “Boxtume!” We decided to go with a doll in a box costume using materials we already had lying around the house. Didn’t this kids’ costume turn out adorable? My daughter is the kind of girl that wears a princess costume nearly every day, so Halloween needs to be stepped up a notch to be truly special. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547832 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Thanksgiving Handprint Tree Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:20:07 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Thanksgiving-Handprint-Tree-82005 Way back in 2001 my kids and I made this handprint Thanksgiving tree. It was a big hit with the rest of the family as they arrived for our holiday festivities. That was a long time ago, and my kids are all grown now, but it’s still a fond holiday memory! Handprint crafts make great keepsakes. When kids grow up, it’s fun for them to look back on these projects and see how small their handprints were! This Thanksgiving handprint tree is a great way to teach kids about being thankful. It helps them to realize how blessed they really are! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547829 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Glowing Jack O Lantern Jars Sun, 18 Oct 2020 11:30:20 CDT /Holiday-Craft/Glowing-Jack-O-Lantern-Jars-81992 Halloween would not be complete without pumpkins, Jack O Lanterns, costumes, and things that glow in the dark. These jars look awesome lined on your driveway on Halloween night, or atop a bookshelf or mantel for your Halloween party. They’re simple to make and require only a few crafting supplies making it fun for kids and adults alike. Glow sticks are inexpensive and can be used to make lots of things light up the night, see how we used them to make these Glowing Jack O Lantern Jars! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547822 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Country Winter Wreath Sun, 18 Oct 2020 10:50:02 CDT /Crochet/Country-Winter-Wreath-81991 Add this classic, modern country holiday wreath to your holiday decor this year. The pattern has a simple repeat and is acccessible for beginners. A string of lights is added and concealed in the wreath to give it a beautiful glow at night. Instructions for adding the lights is included as well as step-by-step photo tutorial for creating the bow. Skill Level: Easy Terminology: U.S. Finished Size: Fits a 15.8” wreath form but easily adjusted to fit other sizes Supplies: • 4.0mm (G) Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook • 3 hanks – (412 yards/110g) of Whims Merino DK in Undyed • 1 hank – (118 yards/60g) of Whims Merino DK in Red • Tapestry Needle • Scissors • 15.8” (40.1cm) Foam Wreath Form • Optional: 7.2 foot long battery operated LED string lights. • Optional: Tape, pins or something to hold the lights in place temporarily Abbreviations: • CH = Chain • DC = Double Crochet • FO = Finish Off • HDC = Half Double Crochet • SC = Single Crochet • SK = Skip • SL ST = Slip Stitch • ST = Stitch admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547816 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet The Amara Doily Sat, 17 Oct 2020 15:00:03 CDT /Crochet/The-Amara-Doily-81979 The Amara doily has 23 rounds and measures about 9 1/2" (24 cm) in diameter. LANGUAGE. English (US). The pattern is written in US crochet terminology. LEVEL. Intermediate YARN. Kartopu Etamin %100 Akrilik / Acrylic / Акрил 30 g - 130 m (can be replaced by any yarn of your desire and a proper hook) Color A. K748 (Lilac) Color B. K800 (Pink) AMOUNT OF YARN. 1 skein each / less than 30 g of each color. HOOK SIZE: 2.1 mm ADDITIONAL TOOLS: scissors FINISHED SIZE. 24 cm or 9 1/2" in diameter. GAUGE. for this project is not important. WASHING. Crochet item can be washed in the washing machine on 30-40°C gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron or dry clean. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547807 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Easy Yarn Bag Sat, 17 Oct 2020 10:00:05 CDT /Crochet/Easy-Yarn-Bag--81967 Hi there my fellow crocheters. It's nice to be back to share another crochet video tutorial. Today I'm gonna share with you how to make a simple yarn bag. This pattern is so easy to make and perfect for beginners. I only used double crochet stitches in making it. It is an easy project and it works up fast. I really like this bag because i can now crochet wherever I want. Grab your yarn and hook and lets make a yarn bag!!! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547802 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet 2020 Is Boo-sheet C2c Fri, 16 Oct 2020 17:20:06 CDT /Crochet/2020-Is-Boo-sheet-C2c-81955 I think we can all agree on one thing... 2020 is BOO-SHEET! This is a fun & easy corner to corner (c2c) crochet pattern that will add some humor to a difficult time. You can make a back for it and turn it into a pillow or attach it to a dowel rod and use as wall art. Either way, it'll be a great piece to look back on in the future when the world goes back to "normal". Enjoy! And please share your pictures with me on Instagram (@lovable_loops). I'd love to see how you use the graph. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547792 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make A Simple Jack-o-lantern Cork Pumpkin Fri, 16 Oct 2020 16:13:43 CDT /Holiday-Craft/How-To-Make-A-Simple-Jack-o-lantern-Cork-Pumpkin-81918 Do you love Halloween? Do you also love wine? Then this is a craft for you! This classy little pumpkin made of corks is perfect for the kitchen or bar! Is there a better way to use some of those corks that collect in that bowl or vase to the side of the counter? Even if you dont drink wine this rustic Jack-o-lantern cork pumpkin decoration still fits perfectly in any kitchen, dining room or bar area. Its a fabulously fun and easy project to fill up a couple hours on a cool fall afternoon. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547782 at www.favecrafts.com Holiday Craft Canning Ring Wreath Fri, 16 Oct 2020 15:10:06 CDT /Unexpected-Ideas/Canning-Ring-Wreath-81942 Do you have rusty or old canning jar rings that you don't know what to do with? Use them to make this canning ring wreath. Other than the canning rings, everything else was from Dollar Tree. This wreath took less than an hour to make, and I only spent $3! You can use new rings, but I really liked the rust and the patina on the used rings. I used both silver and gold, and I like the contrast. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547779 at www.favecrafts.com Miscellaneous Crafts Easy One Skein Bandana Cowl Fri, 16 Oct 2020 13:50:11 CDT /Crochet/Easy-One-Skein-Bandana-Cowl-81931 The Easy One Skein Bandana Cowl is just what it says on the label - simple and relaxing to crochet, and it takes just one cake of Bernat Pop. Make one for yourself in every color, or start whipping up a holiday gift every evening with this relaxing crochet cowl pattern! The pattern for the Easy One Skein Bandana Cowl is incredibly easy. A simple rectangle is folded and seamed, and done! The buttons are completely decorative and therefore optional – and a great way to add your own personal touch. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547774 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Hot Coffee Cozy Fri, 16 Oct 2020 11:02:11 CDT /Crochet/Hot-Coffee-Cozy "I love coffee! Like, LOVE coffee. I drink it every day and when I leave the house, I often buy a cup. Coffee is life for me so thats why I designed this fun and quick coffee sleeve cozy. Its simple and fast to make and shows off your crochet skills when you get the most wonderful of beverages. Materials Worsted/ medium/ #4 weight yarn .5 oz/ 368 yards total --I used Red Heart Super Saver --3 colors US G (4.00 mm) crochet hook Tapestry needle" admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 201983 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Frog Hat Fri, 16 Oct 2020 11:00:04 CDT /Crochet/Simple-Frog-Hat "Create this adorable frog hat for your child and let's play dress up "frog and the princess" for this Halloween, with easy to follow tutorial and lots of photo to help along. This free crochet frog hat is so simple to make and will be a great handmade gift for everyone to enjoy. Made with worsted weight yarn or wool yarn to keep little munchkin warm in the winter time. You will need some polyester fiber fill for stuffing the frog eyes ball." admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 201982 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Sew A Pillowcase Fri, 16 Oct 2020 07:00:03 CDT /Sewing/How-To-Sew-A-Pillowcase-81908 Learn how to make a pillowcase in minutes with a burrito pillowcase pattern! This DIY pillowcase looks better than most store-bought ones and it will last much longer as well! This pillowcase tutorial will help you sew a burrito-style pillowcase regardless of your sewing skill level. You can choose between three different sizes, standard, king, and queen. No matter what pillow you have, it will surely fit into one of these three sizes. Make a few of these for your entire family so that you can all have a unique set, fitting each family member’s personality! They also make wonderful and thoughtful presents for your close friends and relatives. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547756 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Crochet Project Planner – Why Do You Need It! Fri, 16 Oct 2020 05:50:01 CDT /Crochet/Crochet-Project-Planner-Why-Do-You-Need-It-81905 On da basis we crochet so many projects, the very first thing we do is make a list of requirements for the project pattern. We will grab a paper of any book lying around us and start the noting. After a few months, we tend to forget, that includes me. To get organised I came up this crochet planner template. It helps me to keep all details of my project. I have maintained a file for all of them. Today will be sharing this template, trust me it is very handy. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547755 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Hooded Cardigan With Pockets Fri, 16 Oct 2020 02:30:04 CDT /Sewing/Hooded-Cardigan-With-Pockets-81903 I am loving this hooded cardigan for the versatility, can be worn open for a casual look or belted for an hourglass more sophisticated look. The hood is handy for the pesky sun or the cold wind in the late afternoon Autumn day. Pockets on the side to keep your hands warm. This project is for an advanced beginner and will require the ability to follow instructions and previous experience with working with knits. This hooded cardigan is best suited for the hourglass figure however other shapes can wear it successfully if proportions according to the body shape are kept. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547753 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Easiest Square Hot Pads With Hand Pockets Fri, 16 Oct 2020 00:20:04 CDT /Sewing/Easiest-Square-Hot-Pads-With-Hand-Pockets-81900 Hot pads are necessary for every kitchen and get a lot of use. They are probably something you don’t pay much attention to though. If yours are getting a bit tired, learn how to make pot holders yourself with this easy tutorial. Frequent use can wear them out and leave hot pads looking dingy and flat. This easy hot pad sewing pattern only uses a fat quarter of fabric for two, and you are sure to find some that coordinate with your kitchen. Pot holder patterns are also great for using up leftover fabric, batting and binding scraps from quilts. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547751 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Succulent Welcome Banner Fri, 16 Oct 2020 00:20:01 CDT /Sewing/Succulent-Welcome-Banner-81901 Welcome guests to your home or office with a handmade felt craft of succulents. The happy banner is sure to make anyone smile. This project includes a free template to download and step by step instructions with photos. It is a great project for learning to sew, especially if you have been intimidated by trying out a free motion foot. Test your stitching on this inexpensive felt banner rather than an entire quilt top. It's a great project for learners! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547750 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Pumpkin Spice Latte Lip Balm Recipe Thu, 15 Oct 2020 19:20:05 CDT /Candles-Soap/Pumpkin-Spice-Latte-Lip-Balm-Recipe-81890 How to make a pumpkin spice latte lip balm recipe. This uses coffee infused oil for a natural coffee flavor. This is moisturizing with almond oil and shea butter. The beeswax seals in the oils and butters and forms a protective barrier. This is the perfect scent for fall and you can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte with no calories! This is a unique and fun flavor for a lip balm, and it makes a great gift. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547740 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap Cards for Veterans Charity Drive Thu, 15 Oct 2020 17:10:50 CDT /Most-Popular-Crafts/Cards-for-Veterans-Charity-Drive We're hosting a Card Drive to benefit our friends at Help Heal Veterans! Beginning October 3, 2020, we invite all of our readers to send a card to a recovering veteran or military member. The cards will then be added toa Therapeutic Craft Kit assembled by our friends atHelp Heal Veterans. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 545697 at www.favecrafts.com Most Popular Crafts Highway Crochet Stitch For Blankets Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:10:09 CDT /Crochet/Highway-Crochet-Stitch-For-Blankets-81869 The Highway stitch is an easy crochet stitch for blankets. It combines front loop only and back loop only stitches for some added texture. The highway crochet stitch is a simple, lightly textured stitch giving a horizontal line effect. Both sides are different but beautiful. In addition, this stitch doesn’t make any holes which makes it a great crochet stitch for blankets. It looks great in striped projects. A light color will help show off the stitch definition. This easy crochet stitch is part of a fun stitch exploration. You can find all 30 stitches on my blog. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547722 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Vase Stitch Easy Open Crochet Stitch Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:10:02 CDT /Crochet/Vase-Stitch-Easy-Open-Crochet-Stitch-81871 The Vase stitch is an easy open crochet stitch combining bead stitches with basic crochet stitches form an open and textured stitch. The vase stitch is an elegant yet simple lace crochet stitch. It looks great as a border on a garment. For example, I used this stitch pattern for the border of my Cache Coeur Dress. This easy crochet stitch is part of a fun stitch exploration. You can find all 30 stitches on my blog. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547720 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet Trellis Crochet Stitch For Summer Garments Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:00:16 CDT /Crochet/Trellis-Crochet-Stitch-For-Summer-Garments-81864 The Trellis stitch is an easy crochet stitch combining basic crochet stitches to form small openings and light texture. The trellis stitch has small openings that make it great for a summer feeling without getting anything stuck or being see-through. Think summer afghans and garments. Both sides are equally pretty, I can’t decide which side to call the right side. This easy crochet stitch is part of a fun stitch exploration. You can find all 30 stitches on my blog. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547719 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet How To Make Hydrosol From Fresh Or Dried Herbs Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:00:11 CDT /Candles-Soap/How-To-Make-Hydrosol-From-Fresh-Or-Dried-Herbs-81866 Learn how to make a hydrosol or floral water from fresh or dried herbs. Hydrosols can be used alone as a toner or in place of water in DIY beauty recipes. This is an easy DIY that can save you a lot of money. You don't need any special equipment, and you can make it on the stove top! I paid less than $3 for the herbs and got 4 cups of hydrosol that would have been $70! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547717 at www.favecrafts.com Candles & Soap Make Your Own 3d Mask- Free Pattern And Tute Thu, 15 Oct 2020 10:20:02 CDT /Sewing/Make-Your-Own-3d-Mask-Free-Pattern-And-Tute-81849 Corona is an unwelcome visitor but it is going to be with us for a while and therefore, so are face masks. Keeping yourself and your family safe is a priority like never before and a facemask is an easy way to help. My pattern is for a beginner friendly, easy to make and well fitting 3D mask made from cotton fabric. In fact, so little fabric is required that it is a great scrap project. Stay safe peeps! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547708 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Campfire Fingerless Gloves Thu, 15 Oct 2020 10:10:10 CDT /Crochet/Campfire-Fingerless-Gloves-81846 These cozy campfire fingerless gloves will be your new easy favorite go to! Great texture and works up quickly! This pattern uses medium worsted weight yarn and a size H, 5.00 mm crochet hook. The pattern uses the front post double crochet and single crochet stitches to create a beautiful texture. Fun to make in a variety of colors! Materials: – Size H hook, 5.00 mm – Medium worsted weight yarn (4), I used I Love This Yarn in Gold, Taupe and Graphite. - Blunt needle admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547707 at www.favecrafts.com Crochet FaveCrafts Studio LIVE Thu, 15 Oct 2020 08:35:38 CDT /Most-Popular-Crafts/FaveCrafts-Studio-Live Introducing FaveCrafts Studio LIVE -- online crafting classes by your "fave" makers! Check out our class topics and sign up today! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 545685 at www.favecrafts.com Most Popular Crafts How To Make A Double Welt Pocket Using The 5 Lines Method Thu, 15 Oct 2020 08:20:14 CDT /Sewing/How-To-Make-A-Double-Welt-Pocket-Using-The-5-Lines-Method-81840 I am going to show you how to make a double welt pocket using the traditional, but simplified, tailoring method called “five lines”. There are a few ways to make a double welt pocket, this is just one of them. Our double welt pocket has “welts” on both sides of the opening. You'll be very familiar with this style of pocket since it is commonly used on men's and women's tailored jackets, light weight hoodies, light coats, slacks back pockets or the inside of pockets in the lining of jackets. Unfortunately, this technique isn't suitable for very heavy fabrics or situations where you have to match a design such as stripes. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 547700 at www.favecrafts.com Sewing Latest Free Craft eBooks Tue, 07 Jul 2020 09:04:03 CDT /hct/Latest-Free-eBooks Find the newest free craft eBooks from FaveCrafts.com. Download and print the craft project collection for easy reference while crafting. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 224 at www.favecrafts.com Free Craft eBooks Fri, 26 Jun 2020 11:15:14 CDT /hct/Free-Craft-eBooks Find all our free downloadable crafting eBooks, including Budget Craft eBooks, Home Decor eBooks and holiday craft eBooks. In each eBook, you'll find easy-to-follow craft projects. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 189 at www.favecrafts.com Help with browser push notifications Tue, 11 Feb 2020 10:16:31 CST /hct/Help-with-browser-push-notifications Help with browser push notifications admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 2439 at www.favecrafts.com Craft Reviews and Giveaways Mon, 13 Mar 2017 09:10:19 CDT /hct/Reviews-and-Giveaways Read craft product and craft book reviews and enter to win the product or book. We feature a new craft giveaway every Tuesday and Friday. You can enter once daily. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 502 at www.favecrafts.com In the News Wed, 28 Oct 2015 14:51:47 CDT /hct/In-The-News FaveCrafts new and exciting updates on articles and eBooks. Find all your great patterns here. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 253 at www.favecrafts.com Maria Nerius Biography Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:56:58 CDT /hct/Maria-Nerius-Biography A craft industry expert for over two decades, contributing editor Maria Nerius brings her talent, knowledge and creativity to Favecrafts. Maria will share various tips, projects for every skill level and reviews of products and crafting books. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 168 at www.favecrafts.com FaveCrafts Radio Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:53:59 CDT /hct/FaveCrafts-Radio FaveCraftsRadio is hosted by Amy Anderson from Mod Podge Rocks!. This lively lifestyle program treats listeners to creative ideas and featured guests who offer creative tips, project ideas, product reviews, tips about projects on FaveCrafts.com and so muc admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 426 at www.favecrafts.com About When Creativity Knocks Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:52:33 CDT /hct/About-When-Creativity-Knocks Find out about the mother and daughter team behind the online how-to craft show, When Creativity Knocks. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 245 at www.favecrafts.com About Rings Things Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:51:42 CDT /hct/About-Rings-and-Things Find everything you need to make your own jewelry at Rings Things. Shop over 18,000 beads, findings and other jewelry supplies. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 231 at www.favecrafts.com About CT Publishing Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:50:15 CDT /hct/About-C-T-Publishing Leading the way to self-expression through the timeless art of handcrafting, CT Publishing inspires crafters to use its products to create beauty every day. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 412 at www.favecrafts.com About Baby Lock Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:48:37 CDT /hct/About-Baby-Lock Baby Lock is a line of sewing, embroidery, quilting, sergers and specialty machines and accessories developed to make sewing more fun and easy. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 407 at www.favecrafts.com Link to Us Thu, 17 Jul 2014 12:12:31 CDT /hct/about-us-link-to-us Learn how to link to FaveCrafts.com admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 244 at www.favecrafts.com Inspired at Home Radio with Tiffany Windsor Tue, 27 May 2014 10:55:43 CDT /hct/Inspired-at-Home-Radio Learn about the Inspired at Home Radio show with Tiffany Windsor. This show is full of creative ideas, including tips, projects, product reviews and more. Special guests every week. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 223 at www.favecrafts.com About EvaForeva Mon, 17 Mar 2014 09:14:13 CDT /hct/About-EvaForeva Jenya of EvaForeva has a wonderful blog full of DIY tutorials and two Etsy shops selling her work. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 400 at www.favecrafts.com Disclosure Policy for Product Reviews Tue, 04 Mar 2014 09:30:58 CST /hct/Disclosure-Policy-for-Product-Reviews The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationship we have between a product manufacturer and service provider when we write about a product or service. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 341 at www.favecrafts.com Caron Yarn Giveaway Mon, 03 Mar 2014 09:11:01 CST /hct/Caron-Yarn-Giveaway Learn how to get Your FREE Skein of NaturallyCaron.com Country yarn! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 281 at www.favecrafts.com 2011-01-04 A Warm Welcome + 7 Super Simple Projects You Can Make Today Mon, 10 Feb 2014 08:24:39 CST /hct/2011-01-04-A-Warm-Welcome-7-Super-Simple-Projects-You-Can-Make-Today admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 814 at www.favecrafts.com About Polymer Clay Artist Marie Segal Mon, 03 Feb 2014 10:35:41 CST /hct/About-Marie-Segal Marie has been working and playing with clay since 1971. She has a very extensive art training background and has taught oven bake clays for over 25 years all over the U.S. and overseas. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 397 at www.favecrafts.com Clover Needlecraft Mon, 27 Jan 2014 10:44:17 CST /hct/Clover-Needlework Sewing, quilting and embroidery is just for you. Clover Needlecraft is just the way you want to craft. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 230 at www.favecrafts.com About Diamond Tech Mon, 16 Dec 2013 10:48:40 CST /hct/About-Diamond-Tech A manufacturer of Stained Glass, Mosaics, Beadmaking and Fusing supplies. In addition to products, Diamond Tech offers expert information, product specifications, useful tools, projects, and photos on our website www.DiamondTechCrafts.com. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 278 at www.favecrafts.com About Aubreys Beads Paper Beads by Janice Mae Mon, 09 Dec 2013 09:06:05 CST /hct/About-Aubreys-Beads A company who sell paper beads to craft stores and bead stores all hand-rolled by women in the Philippines admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 409 at www.favecrafts.com How to Download our eBooks Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:12:17 CST /hct/How-to-Download-our-eBooks Our eBooks are available as FREE PDF documents. PDFs look very much like printed pages in a book. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 186 at www.favecrafts.com Special Occasion and Seasonal Craft eBooks Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:32:40 CDT /hct/Special-Occasion-and-Seasonal-eBooks Find free downloadable craft eBooks for special occasions such as graduation and weddings. Also find seasonal craft eBooks including summer crafts for kids. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 207 at www.favecrafts.com Thrifty Crafting eBooks Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:32:08 CDT /hct/Thrifty-Crafting-eBooks Find hundreds of low-cost, budget craft projects in these free downloadable Thrifty Crafting eBooks. Find inexpensive home decor projects, gifts and fun activities for kids and adults with emptying your wallet. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 205 at www.favecrafts.com New Image Group Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:30:41 CDT /hct/About-The-New-Image-Group Provider of craft materials ranging from wood to felt, making it easy to incorporate into the classroom, kids' parties and anywhere in between! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 430 at www.favecrafts.com About Kreinik Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:29:44 CDT /hct/About-Kreinik Kreinik is a family-owned thread company that has been producing craft and needlework threads - primarily metallic and silk threads - in their West Virginia factory since 1971. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 374 at www.favecrafts.com About Ashton11 and MEH Designs Crochet Patterns and More Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:29:15 CDT /hct/About-Ashton11-and-MEH-Designs admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 398 at www.favecrafts.com 2011-12-07 Stickers or Signs: Pricing Tips + Giveaways on FaveCrafts Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:28:19 CDT /hct/2011-12-07-Stickers-or-Signs-Pricing-Tips-Giveaways-on-FaveCrafts admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 813 at www.favecrafts.com Free Holiday Craft eBooks Tue, 03 Sep 2013 10:26:14 CDT /hct/Free-Holiday-Craft-eBooks Find our complete collection of free downloadable holiday craft eBooks, including Easter, 4th of July and our comprehensive holiday craft eBook, Crafts to Celebrate the Holidays. Find just the thing to wear, decorate or give. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 206 at www.favecrafts.com Knitting and crochet offer longterm health benefits Mon, 20 May 2013 11:58:17 CDT /hct/Knitting-and-Crochet-Offer-Long-Term-Health-Benefits New studies show that knitting, crochet and other repetitive needlework provide a number of invaluable health benefits. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 268 at www.favecrafts.com Learn How to Knit with New eBook from Favecrafts.com Tue, 19 Mar 2013 15:22:15 CDT /hct/Learn-How-to-Knit-with-New-eBook-from-Favecraftscom admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1542 at www.favecrafts.com 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Crafters Tue, 19 Mar 2013 15:21:28 CDT /hct/2012-Holiday-Gift-Guide-for-Crafters-plus-free-projects If you love crafting, or know someone who does, you're sure to love our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Crafters, the first gift guide from CutRateCrafts and FaveCrafts. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1558 at www.favecrafts.com Crafting with the Craftwell eCraft and eBosser: Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, and So Much More Tue, 19 Mar 2013 15:20:51 CDT /hct/Crafting-with-the-Craftwell-eCraft-and-eBosser-Scrapbooking-Paper-Crafts-and-So-Much-More In this second volume of Craftwell projects, titled Crafting with the Craftwell eCraft and eBosser Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, and So Much More, you'll learn how to make eye-catching 3D greeting cards, fun centerpieces for a baby shower, and cute home acc admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1594 at www.favecrafts.com Trash to Treasure: 28 Recycled Crafts Tue, 19 Mar 2013 15:20:27 CDT /hct/Trash-to-Treasure-28-Recycled-Crafts Filled with tons of creative ways to turn your trash into treasure, this creative crafting guide will help you declutter your home, organize your living space, and even show you how to make your own home accents. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1620 at www.favecrafts.com Contest and Giveaway Winners Wed, 16 Jan 2013 10:39:48 CST /hct/Contest-and-Giveaway-Winners A list of our contest and giveaway winners! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 180 at www.favecrafts.com Terri O Biography Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:42:14 CDT /hct/Terri-O-Biography Learn more about 2-time Emmy winning TV personality and crafter extraordinaire Terri O. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 162 at www.favecrafts.com Learn fun and new tie dye techniques with Free eBook from ilovetocreate.com and FaveCrafts Thu, 16 Aug 2012 16:15:21 CDT /hct/Learn-fun-and-new-tie-dye-techniques-with-Free-eBook-from-ilovetocreatecom-and-FaveCrafts admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1466 at www.favecrafts.com Many Creative Gifts Mon, 16 Jul 2012 11:43:23 CDT /hct/Many-Creative-Gifts Many Creative Gifts provides inspiration for many creative projects and encourages individuals to "be thoughtful" and true to their giving nature. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 372 at www.favecrafts.com Knit and Crochet for All Ages with New Red Heart and FaveCrafts eBook Wed, 29 Feb 2012 12:13:29 CST /hct/Knit-and-Crochet-for-All-Ages-with-New-Red-Heart-and-FaveCrafts-eBook Both knitters and crocheters can create handmade designs for the entire family, courtesy of the 26 free pattern provided in this new eBook. Find inspiring designs for all ages that are quick and easy! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1164 at www.favecrafts.com Printable Grocery and Drug Store Coupons Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:06:57 CST /hct/Printable-Grocery-and-Drug-Store-Coupons Printable Grocery and Drug Store Coupons admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1154 at www.favecrafts.com 100 Applique Motifs Book Giveaway Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:19:56 CST /hct/100-Applique-Motifs-Book-Giveaway This book provides the basics of applique tools, supplies and techniques. Designer tips are given on color and composition. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 252 at www.favecrafts.com Create Cards, Gift Boxes, Fabric Creations and More with this Free eBook from Craftwell and FaveCrafts Tue, 13 Dec 2011 13:30:48 CST /hct/Create-Cards-Gift-Boxes-Fabric-Creations-and-More-with-this-Free-eBook-from-Craftwell-and-FaveCrafts Make your own paper creations in 2012 with 21 free projects from Craftwell and FaveCrafts. Find one-of-a-kind projects for home, gift-giving, and more - all in this free eBook. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1110 at www.favecrafts.com Create Gifts and Decorations for the Holidays with New eBook From Red Heart Yarn and Favecrafts Thu, 01 Dec 2011 09:23:34 CST /hct/Create-Gifts-and-Decorations-for-the-Holidays-with-New-eBook-From-Red-Heart-Yarn-and-Favecrafts Find an extensive collection of knit and crochet gift ideas, family projects, decorations and more in Prime Publishings new eBook. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1104 at www.favecrafts.com Reduce Holiday Stress with Thrifty, Easy to Make Decorations, Gifts and More Fri, 11 Nov 2011 10:47:34 CST /hct/Reduce-Holiday-Stress-with-Thrifty-Easy-to-Make-Decorations-Gifts-and-More Find creative ways to craft for the holidays with 9 new free Christmas craft eBooks from Prime Publishing. Learn how to make homemade decorations, ornaments, wreaths, quilts, gingerbread houses, gifts, and more! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1100 at www.favecrafts.com Gingerbread House eBook Helps Build Shelter for Homeless Gingerbread People Fri, 28 Oct 2011 12:45:46 CDT /hct/Gingerbread-House-eBook-Helps-Build-Shelter-for-Homeless-Gingerbread-People Create a sweet winter wonderland in your home with the gingerbread house ideas, craft projects, and recipes in "23 Gingerbread House Designs and Recipes," the latest eBook from FaveCrafts.com and RecipeLion.com! admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1091 at www.favecrafts.com Create a Norman Rockwell Holiday with Collaborative Thanksgiving eBook from FaveCrafts and RecipeLion Thu, 20 Oct 2011 14:36:39 CDT /hct/Create-a-Norman-Rockwell-Holiday-with-Collaborative-Thanksgiving-eBook-from-FaveCrafts-and-RecipeLion Let me see your turkey trot! The crafts and recipes in this 24 Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes and Fall Craft Projects free eBook will set the scene and the table for a picture perfect Thanksgiving dinner. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1081 at www.favecrafts.com Warm Up to Fall Weather with New Crochet and Knit Throws eBook from Red Heart Yarn and FaveCrafts.com Thu, 06 Oct 2011 12:08:38 CDT /hct/Warm-Up-to-Fall-Weather-with-New-Crochet-and-Knit-Throws-eBook Don't let the weather cool down your mood. Snuggle up in style with these great crochet and knit throw patterns! Download this eBook for free at Favecrafts.com. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1074 at www.favecrafts.com Make Beautiful Bracelets and Necklaces with Jewelry for You! eBook from Consumer Crafts and FaveCrafts Wed, 21 Sep 2011 09:27:43 CDT /hct/Make-Beautiful-Bracelets-and-Necklaces-with-Jewelry-for-You-eBook-from-Consumer-Crafts-and-FaveCrafts Show off your creativity and style with handmade jewelry that will make you feel like a star. admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 1052 at www.favecrafts.com 2011-05-14 Weekend Wrap-Up: 20 Minute Ruffle Dress & Tissue Paper Flowers Thu, 12 May 2011 11:46:18 CDT /hct/2011-05-14-Weekend-Wrap-Up-20-Minute-Ruffle-Dress--Tissue-Paper-Flowers admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 880 at www.favecrafts.com 2011-05-07 Weekend Wrap-Up: The Coziest Crochet Baby Blanket Thu, 05 May 2011 11:07:44 CDT /hct/2011-05-07-Weekend-Wrap-Up-The-Coziest-Crochet-Baby-Blanket admin@primecp.com (FaveCrafts.com Admins) Article 871 at www.favecrafts.com