All change

The past few months have involved significant change, but I feel steady. I’m actively trying to maintain this feeling – the sense of comfort with decisions I’ve made and the way this year is unfolding.

I’m appreciating being back at university with interesting classes, tutors and coursemates. I’m enjoying academic reading, writing and discussion again. I’m also satisfied with my job, which comes with a great team, flexibility and development opportunities.

Currently, my most tumultuous relationship is with Southern Rail. (They need to work through their reliability and commitment issues.) I’m getting used to starting and ending my working weeks with long train journeys, feeling slightly divided between two places. The slower pace and fresh air of home balance out the constant movement of London. I’ve been met with a few looks of surprise when I’ve told people that I don’t live – or particularly want to live – in the city, but this situation suits me for now.

The issue with settling into routine and embracing change is that I occasionally feel as if something is bound to go wrong. I’m reminded of Bridget Jones’ declaration that ‘when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces’. When thoughts of that kind linger, I remind myself to enjoy what’s currently happening. I could list the worries and stresses that cross my mind regularly, but I’m trying not to pay much attention to them. Self-care and a good support system help.

Right now, as I approach my birthday, I’m quite well, happy and thankful.