Tips to manage your part-time postgraduate course

I’ve written a new piece for Times Higher Education’s Student section, which features advice for managing a part-time postgraduate course. You can read the piece here.

If you’ve studied part-time, I’d love to hear about your experience. If you’re thinking about starting a part-time course and have a question to ask, I’ll happily answer. Say hello on Twitter and I’ll get back to you.

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For Mum

In the hallway, our childhood photos sit side by side. Occasionally we pause on the stairs, noticing the marked similarities – the full faces, full fringes. I am three, at nursery completing a puzzle, looking away as if I already know where the pieces fit. You are sitting down, tucked neatly next to your sister.

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My so-called digital life

How much of myself am I giving away?

This is a question I’ve been thinking about recently. I manage digital channels for a living, check in with social media daily and write about my life online. My Facebook profile is private, but I have public Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Although a benefit of those platforms is being able to engage with new people and organisations that I may not otherwise discover, I occasionally find how accessible I am unnerving.

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