My favourite podcasts: part two

My podcast habit is still going strong, so I thought now would be a good time to follow up on November’s round-up of my favourites. Here’s a short list of additions.

11. The Moth Radio Hour

I love storytelling and spoken word, so I wish I’d subscribed to this sooner. It’s perfect for anyone curious about other people’s lives and lessons.

Recommended episode: Wedding Jitters and Kindergarten Battle Prep.

12. The High Low

Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are back with this new podcast. Listen for funny anecdotes and sharp cultural commentary.

Recommended episode: The Meme That Broke The Internet and Why We Need To Talk About Periods.

13. Doublespeaking

This is a new podcast created and presented by Bridget Conor, who teaches on my course at King’s. If you like linguistic analysis and pop culture references, give it a listen.

Recommended episode: Clean.

14. Writers Who Don’t Write

In this fortnightly show, Jeff Umbro and Kyle Craner interview writers about their lives, work and opinions.

Recommended episode: Louise O’Neill.

15. HBR Ideacast

Smart people sharing smart ideas about problem solving, management, collaboration and more.

Recommended episode: Be a Work/Life-Friendly Boss.

16. Marketing Over Coffee

Listen to this for interesting discussion of the latest marketing trends and tools.

Recommended episode: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader.

17. Letters To My Fanny

I regularly have to stifle laughter while listening to Cherry Healey’s interviews on my commute. She’s great at getting guests to share silly and serious insights about topics including anxiety, sex and parenthood.

Recommended episode: Clemmie Hooper – Mother of Daughters.

That’s all for now!

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