April reflections

Hello again.

I’ve now finished the first year of my MA (as long as the essays I submitted are good), which is satisfying. My job is going well and I’ve got some exciting posts and articles lined up for the next month or so. I’m confirming summer plans, but fitting in plenty of rest too.

This is my first reflections / round-up post since January because of the term-time rush. Do let me know if there’s anything you’ve been thinking about, writing or enjoying lately.

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On ambition

I recently read this essay by Elisa Albert, in which she discusses the pressures of ambition and her own frustrations with it. Whilst acknowledging the benefits of hard work, Albert criticises the self-serving nature of ‘Lean In’ culture that is more concerned with achievement than with purpose or human connection. In contrast, Albert is impressed by:

‘Eye contact. Self-possession. Loyalty. Boundaries. Good posture. Moderation. Restraint. Laugh lines. Gardening. Activism. Originality. Kindness. Self-awareness. Simple food, prepared with love. Style. Hope. Lust. Grace. Aging. Humility. Nurturance. Learning from mistakes. Moving on. Letting go. Forms of practice, in other words. Constant, ongoing work. No endpoint in sight. Not goal-oriented, not gendered. Idiosyncratic and pretty much impossible to monetize.’

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Talking self-care and startups with Ishita Ranjan, founder of Care Package Company

Today I’m happy to be sharing an interview with Ishita Ranjan. I’ve been in touch with Ishita for a few years, thanks to mutual friends and our involvement with Student Hubs. She is encouraging, helpful, intelligent and ambitious. These qualities come together in her latest venture, Care Package Company. Read on to see what Ishita has to say about starting a social enterprise, self-care and more.

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Review: How To Be A Grown-Up – Daisy Buchanan

When my copy of Daisy Buchanan’s How To Be A Grown-Up arrived, I greeted the courier with an earnest thank you and excited smile. I devoured the book in a few days, marking pages as I nodded in agreement.

I have appreciated Daisy’s writing for a long time and I regularly revisit her honest, thoughtful pieces for The Pool. HTBAGU builds on Daisy’s work as a journalist, covering topics such as career decisions, anxiety, body image, sex, financial management and relationships with friends, partners and parents.

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Graduating soon? Here’s some advice

Spring is here, marking the last term of university for many. I can recall the uncertainty of this time during my undergraduate degree and perhaps you can too. Or, maybe you’re currently at that stage, wondering what happens once graduation day is over. Either way, I hope you find the following advice interesting and helpful. Read on for words of wisdom from people working in a range of roles and sectors. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with me for this post.

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