Five essential tips for new bloggers

Hello, everyone.

As you’ll know if you read this post, I’ve now been running this site for a year. I recently spent some time reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned so far. If you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your direction, I hope you find the following advice helpful.

1. Use your skills

My professional background is in planning, writing and editing content for blogs, social media, websites, press and print marketing. As much as I enjoy doing this for organisations, I wanted to develop an online space for myself too.

If you’re considering starting a blog, what are your key skills? What can you do well? How can you interest people within and beyond your immediate network? Will you focus on one area (like reviews or recipes) or cover many topics?

2. Develop new skills

Personally, this has meant improving my photography, website development and SEO skills. Spend some time thinking about your weaker spots. How could you build on them? Can you teach yourself, phone a friend or find online courses? It’s also wise never to assume that you know everything. There will always be a new tool, technique or trend you could work with.

3. Be open

My most vulnerable posts have been some of my most popular ones. You don’t need to mine your personal life for content, but writing about certain topics can be cathartic and beneficial to others. It can help your readers get to know you better too. Although your content doesn’t always have to be about you, your writing, personality, style and design are key.

4. Rinse and repeat

Use stats and feedback to figure out what your readers like seeing. How can you entertain or support them? What’s going to make your post the one they read on their commute home or with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning? Be creative and original, but make the most of the track record you have.

5. Aim high

Whilst I don’t advise constantly checking page views and follower counts, setting goals can help you to stay focused and produce better content. Even so, remember that having 10,000+ Instagram followers doesn’t mean much if 80% of them are spam accounts or disengaged. Although building an interactive community may take longer, the genuine views and feedback are worth it. This is a case of quality over quantity, but you can still work towards both.

Do you have any other lessons from your blogging experiences?

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Have a great weekend!

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