10 things I’ve learned from living at home in my twenties

Last June I moved back in with my Mum, Dad and our Labrador. I’d spent most of the previous four years away at university and working. Living at home has been good – sometimes great, occasionally frustrating. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. A supportive family and low / no rent are privileges that can allow you to save, study or plan your next move.

2. Acts of appreciation create a happier home. Clean, tidy, walk the dog, receive parcels and say yes to any reasonable requests.

3. Treasure your own space. Display books, prints, photos, or whatever makes it feel personal. My fireplace cover is still collaged with the culture pages of 2008 Elle magazines, but the rest has been updated.

4. Being at home is a great opportunity to see old friends and build new relationships.

5. Changing your surroundings can be motivating. I usually feel more creative and energised when I balance quiet days with time in London and other places. But:

6. Feeling settled where you grew up isn’t a bad thing. I love living between the South Downs and the sea, close to Brighton.

7. A dining room can act as a coworking space. Just add laptops and multiple people trying to have video calls at once. Hipster tech entrepreneur not included.

8. Spend free time in favourite places and find new things to do. Some of my happiest memories from the past year have involved walks in the countryside, seeing plays in Chichester, exploring Brighton Festival and swimming in the sea at West Wittering.

9. It’s usually best not to intervene in family disagreements. 99% of the time they end with Netflix and wine anyway.

10. It’s helpful to think ahead, but not too far. Choose your own milestones to celebrate and enjoy what you have right now.

What would you add to the list?

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