July reflections

Hello again!

July seems to have passed quickly, thanks to travelling, working and packing to move out next month. I’ve been chipping away at larger projects and stepping away from my laptop more often during evenings and weekends. I’m feeling focused and content.

The summer break from MA classes and essays has given me more time for personal reading. I’m enjoying Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & In Life, One Conversation at a Time. If you’re put off by the seemingly corporate title, I recommend giving it a chance. Susan Scott’s book contains reflective exercises for defining what your version of success looks like. It offers useful tools for holding necessary, thoughtful conversations with partners, managers and other key people.

The concept I’ve found most interesting so far has been what Scott calls the ‘emotional wake’ of conversations. How do you leave people feeling after you’ve spoken or spent time with them? Do you give people enough room to speak? It’s made me even more considerate of what I contribute to conversations and the need to listen attentively to words and non-verbal cues.

If you read it, let me know what you think.

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