My favourite podcasts: part three

This is my third podcast recommendations post (click to read part one and part two). I keep finding new series to listen to when I’m travelling, washing dishes, in the bath or wherever else. If you think of any others I might like, please let me know in a comment or tweet!

18. The Debrief Podcast

With humour and good advice, Stevie and Tessa tackle topics faced by many people in their 20s. If you’re in Edinburgh this month, I’ve heard Tessa’s show is great too.

Recommended episode: How To Do Things That Scare You.

19. Strong Opinions Loosely Held

Listen if you like pop culture, feminist criticism and smart, funny women.

Recommended episode: Famous on the Internet, Broke IRL.

20. The National Theatre Podcast

This new podcast shares insights into NT productions, theatre-making and key themes. The interviews, analysis and show clips are fascinating.

Recommended episode: The Majority.

21. Fresh Air

I heard about this popular NPR show through The High Low. It’s now my top choice when I don’t feel up to reading the news but I want to stay informed.

Recommended episode: ‘I Was Somebody’s Mother’: Ariel Levy On Love And Loss.

22. Hopeful World

In this show, the founder of Hopeful Traders interviews people working to create social impact about their projects.

Recommended episode: Cariad Lloyd – Homeless Period & Griefcast.

23. Soulful PR with Janet Murray

A great podcast for anyone working in communications, PR, marketing or small business.

Recommended episode: How to Grow a Community Around Your Content (and Why You Need to).

24. Spoonie Pyjama Party

Hear Natasha Lipman and other interesting people talk about managing chronic illnesses, accessible work and more. You can read my interview with Natasha here.

Recommended episode: Claire Anscomb.

25. The Meaningful Money Podcast

Essential financial advice for people of all ages. Give it a go.

Recommended episode: An Introduction to Life Stages.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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