24 more things I’ve learned by 24

Last September I shared 23 things I’ve learned by 23. Now approaching my 24th birthday, I’ve put together another list. I’m all for lifelong learning.

Here we go:

1. You can’t and don’t need to do everything. Prioritise your commitments.

2. Qualities can be more important than qualifications.

3. Social contact can help you live longer. Make sure to ‘build your village’.

4. What a stranger at a train station thinks of you really doesn’t matter.

5. You’ll learn the most when you’re inquisitive, reliable and willing to be challenged.

6. Accessible work is important. Don’t be afraid to explain your needs as well as emphasising your skills and work ethic.

7. The best thing about working from home is being able to use the time and energy you’d spend commuting on work, rest or other tasks.

8. The best thing about working in an office is spending more time with colleagues. Even introverts need company.

9. It’s ok to enjoy building a home as much as you like building a career. No one takes away your feminist card if you get excited by storage solutions or wear a floral apron.

10. Living with a partner is great. It can bring extra affection, understanding, shared tasks and plans.


11. That said, it’s important to respect each other’s space. And Netflix preferences.

12. Oranges are delicious.

13. So is pizza. Even gluten free, vegan pizza. Coeliacs, visit Ciro & Sons in Florence if you get the chance.

14. It’s possible to feel good and take care of yourself without focusing on weight.

15. Grief affects people differently, so be gentle and remember happy times.

16. Feeling settled where you grew up isn’t a bad thing, but keep your options open.

17. Social media is a brilliant tool, best used mindfully.

18. If you’re out of ideas, take a break. Your laptop isn’t attached to you.

19. It’s fine to feel like a professional powerhouse one day and a hibernating hedgehog the next.

20. Melodrama by Lorde is the album I needed when I was 19.

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21. The ‘Bath, book, bed’ routine from childhood is still a winner.

22. Minimalism and frugality don’t have to be boring. Thinking carefully before you buy anything means you can focus on more significant goals.

23. Moisturise!

24. Intuition is a handy guide. If a person or opportunity feels right, trust that and see what happens.

Do you have any other lessons to share? Let me know on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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