7 Newsletters To Brighten Your Inbox and Boost Your Motivation

In this age of email overload, it may seem odd – even ridiculous – to invite more updates to your inbox.

But carefully picked newsletters deliver convenient and curated writing, podcasts and articles that you might not otherwise find. I’ve discovered that I prefer subscribing to scrolling through Twitter.

If you’re concerned about spam, consider this: receiving regular, high quality content in exchange for the occasional sales email from creators is a pretty good deal.

Here are my current favourite newsletters:

1. The Roundup – Women Who

Otegha Uwagba shares interesting articles and valuable advice for working women.

Subscribe here.

2. From the Curious Mind of Jocelyn K. Glei

This is full of great links for anyone wanting to become more creative and resilient.

Subscribe here.

3. The Concept of Waffles – Ruby Tandoh

Beautiful musings on favourite foods.

Subscribe here.

4. Schmancy! – Lauren Bravo and Daisy Buchanan

Warm and funny personal essays on topics such as summer resolutions, failure and moving to the coast.

Subscribe here.

5. That’s What She Said – Anne T. Donahue

Entertaining reflections, mostly about writing, resting and relationships. Plus gifs.

Subscribe here.

6. Austin Kleon

A weekly list of 10 things worth sharing. Blog posts, books and more.

Subscribe here.

7. Raptitude

Thoughts and practical suggestions for living mindfully.

Subscribe here.

Let me know if you enjoy any of them!

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