On sisterhood

For sixteen days each year, my older sister and I are the same age. Today she turns twenty-five.

Family members often exclaim, ‘How did we get two girls so incredibly different?’

It’s easy to laugh about the broad categories we fall into.

Introvert vs. extrovert.

Staying in vs. going out.

Literary vs. little interest.

Life of the party vs. cleaning up during the party.

(I had to reverse the order to make the wordplay work for that last one.)

So it’s important to remember where we meet in the middle.

We’re both caring, loyal and hardworking. We follow our interests. We stick together when difficulties arise.

The value of our sisterhood isn’t in having a mirror image or best friend ever. It’s about protecting and supporting each other. Celebrating our different skills and plans.

And who else would praise (to this day) my rare teenage moments of irresponsibility? Who would explain the Kardashian family tree to me?

For all this and more, I’m glad to have an – ever so slightly – older sister.

Happy birthday, Ellie.

Together in Richmond last weekend.

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