Five favourites: April 2018

April has been another month full of plans and changes, so personal writing projects remain on the back burner. Still, I wanted to share the usual round-up of things I’ve enjoyed recently. Here you go:

1. The Ice by Laline Paull

The Ice is a thriller about ambition, status and friendship. In Paull’s novel, the Arctic is a new frontier for trade and tourism, controlled by the highest bidders. When the body of a leading environmental activist is found, the secrets and tensions that led to his death unravel.

The Ice by Laline Paull next to colourful tulips

2. Tomorrow Never Knows

I’m enjoying this podcast by historians Emma Elinor Lundin and Charlotte Lydia Riley, recommended by an academic friend. I started with Episode #3: Women at Work – Part I, which explores issues such as Lean In culture and precarious work.

3. HAIM – Something To Tell You

I tend to listen to a few albums on repeat, rather than keeping up with lots of new music. If 2017 was the year of our Lorde, 2018 is all about HAIM.

4. The Letdown

This Australian comedy is good comfort TV, though it centres on characters’ discomfort with the new responsibilities and identity changes of early parenthood. Find it on Netflix if you liked Motherland.

5. How Far Away

This moving poem by my friend Claire was published as part of Dear Damsels’ Distance theme. The other April pieces are worth reading too!