Five favourites: May 2018

Last month was packed full of plans, projects and celebrations. Here are some of the things I enjoyed.

1. RHS Wisley

We visited RHS Wisley for the first time on a glorious Saturday in early May. There is so much to explore, so it’s worth a second trip. My highlight was admiring the vast collection of plants in the glasshouse (below).

Admiring plants in RHS Wisley Glasshouse, May 2018

2. The Language of Love

In this episode of the Modern Love podcast, Saoirse Ronan reads Emily Robbins’ essay about how a language barrier affected her relationship with an Iraqi doctor. Listen for Saoirse’s soothing voice alone.

3. Reservoir 13

I’ve nearly finished this award-winning novel by Jon McGregor, which centres on a village community in northern England after a visiting teenage girl goes missing. Reservoir 13 spans seasons and years, individual concerns and family lives. It’s beautifully written, with quietly significant musings on change and loss.

Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor stacked on top of three other hardbacks, next to a candle

4. Dear White People

A comedy to get you thinking. Season 2 is now on Netflix.

5. Desert Island Discs – Abi Morgan

The whole episode is worth listening to, but these words stood out:

“I often get young female writers coming up to me and I want to grab their hand and say it’s really tough in your twenties, I think, when you don’t know what you’re doing and how you’re going to get there. Are you going to get all those pieces of the jigsaw that you see everyone ahead of you with? You don’t get every piece and it doesn’t all fit perfectly and there’s probably always a corner missing, but eventually you will have your own picture in front of you – you will have your own life in front of you.”

I’ll leave you with that thought for this month. If you’d like to keep up to date between posts, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for reading!