Five favourites: November 2018

November, November. This month I’ve changed jobs, read some great books and started preparing for Christmas. Here are a few recommendations to see you through the chilly weeks ahead.

1. Normal People – Sally Rooney

In three words: worth the hype. Sally Rooney captures everyday details and larger shifts in her characters’ lives so well. Find it here.

Hardback copy of Normal People by Sally Rooney in front of plant

2. Motherhood – Sheila Heti

Motherhood is a biographical novel about whether or not to have children. A smart exploration of identity and love, freedom and longing.

3. Money: A User’s Guide – Laura Whateley

Of course money is useful, but it can also be baffling. This new book published by 4th Estate, aimed at people aged roughly 20-40, has clear chapters with advice on student loans, pensions, renting well, buying property and more.

4. There She Goes

Jessica Hynes and David Tennant are really good in this comedy drama about family life with a severely learning disabled daughter. Catch up.

5. Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd

In this podcast comedian Cariad Lloyd chats with other funny people about death and grief. So far I recommend the episodes with Adam Buxton and Yasmine Akram, who you might know from Lovesick.

A row of colourful houses in Brighton
Colourful Brighton during the last week of my last job.