2018 reflections

The starting line of 2018 seems far behind. Though I tend to work around the academic calendar, the shift from December to January still neatly bookends the past 365 days.

My main goals for this year were to move into more secure work, finish my Master’s degree, save money and continue nurturing my relationships. In summary: work hard, be supportive, celebrate wherever possible and rest along the way.

Now, sat on the sofa in four layers of clothing while the heating kicks in, I’m satisfied with how these twelve months have played out. I’m in a new job, which is bringing interesting challenges and enabling me to plan further ahead. Next month I’ll graduate with a distinction in my Master’s. I’ve saved consistently and managed a sensible budget.

I’m in a solid relationship and looking forward to marrying the person who makes me so happy. I have caring friends and relatives who are doing interesting, different things with their lives at this point. The family WhatsApp group is going strong.

I’ve written as a creative outlet when I’ve had ideas and energy left over. One of my poems is featured in the Dear Damsels Annual, a beautiful printed book available to pre-order now.

I suppose this is to say that a lot of work and decisions have come to fruition as this year draws to a close. I’m thankful for the foundation of my life – relationships and a sense of purpose.

Looking ahead, I hope for a steady start to 2019. More small daily joys, more shared celebrations. Meaningful work and trains that run on time. Books, trips, sunshine and other good things are on their way.

I won’t be publishing a December favourites post, so I’ll take this moment to say thank you for visiting this site. I’m thinking about what I want to share and how I want to share it. If there’s something you’d like to see, please let me know (via Instagram, Twitter or this form – your choice).

See you on the other side of the mince pies and New Year’s Eve countdown. Take care.

At Loch Lomond, June 2018
Loch Lomond, June 2018.