Wedding Q&A

I got married last month. Life is quite like before except now I get to throw around the term ‘husband’ and think further ahead because, after fourteen months of engagement, that one brilliant day happened.

Here I’ve answered some questions friends asked via Instagram stories and a couple I noted down shortly after the wedding. This feels like the right way to share certain details while keeping others offline.

The basics

We got married in West Sussex, England, in May 2019. Eighty guests joined for a 3pm ceremony followed by drinks, dinner and dancing. Twenty more friends celebrated with us in the evening.

How did you find all the planning?

I enjoyed the process. Admittedly it was tiring fitting wedding work around regular work, especially as I changed jobs in November. I think what made it less stressful was deciding certain things early on and sticking with them.

What took up the biggest portion of your budget?

Catering, which we factored in from the start. Due to coeliac disease in my family, we needed a caterer who could reliably create high-quality and safe gluten free food for a big party. We also wanted tasty veggie/vegan options and to support local producers. Thankfully we found skilled, friendly caterers based in Sussex – more about them in my next post.

Any tips for the morning of the wedding?

Take half an hour to yourself – whether that’s in the bath, on the sofa with a book or just in bed before you start the day. Also, eat something substantial! You’ll want more than butterflies in your stomach when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

What song did you have for your first dance?

After we cut the cake our friend George (of HUX) did a guitar and vocal set ending in a version of You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker – a Simpsons reference for the man I married.

Where was your dress from?

Whistles – mine was the Rose dress. I sized up and had it altered by a local seamstress to get the ideal fit.

What little details did you love?

Designing order of service bookmarks, which doubled up as favours.

Having sprigs of rosemary in my bouquet and on the roasted baby potatoes – a suggestion from my Dad that I’d forgotten about until it made me smile mid-forkful.

My sister’s speech based on pop song lyrics from our childhood.

Grandad’s edition of Robert Burns poetry sitting on the pile of books with our table flowers.

What was the most unexpected emotion you experienced?

Relief, probably. I expected to feel full of love and happiness, but I underestimated how relieved I would feel when the key moments were done. I remember looking around the dancefloor and thinking, “We pulled it off!”

Were you pleased with how everything went?

Absolutely. Bar a few people sadly not being able to make it due to illness, the wedding went as planned and everyone had a lot of fun.