Daily spend: birthday in Brighton

My recent birthday fell on a Friday, which called for a long weekend. I decided I’d like a morning at home and then a wander in Brighton, as G and I had a National Trust visit with family lined up for the next day.

Here’s a breakdown of what I spent.


We walked to and from the train station, leaving home at 12.30pm. For the return journey I used the monthly rail ticket I’d already bought for my commute. It costs a significant chunk of money each month (just over £183 with a discount card) but at least I can use it at weekends if I want to. Silver lining?


Travel total: £0

Food and drink

After looking in a couple of shops we went to Redroaster cafe. I had a hot chocolate (£3) and G had a black coffee and a flapjack (£5). We paid from our joint account which at the moment contains some money from each of us that can go towards trips or meals together. I’ll still count the cost of my drink in the daily spend though.


The counter at Redroaster cafe in Kemptown, Brighton

I was feeling hungry as we walked through the North Laine so I bought a bag of lentil chips from Infinity Foods. I did have an emergency Nakd bar in my bag but I thought I’d save that for a more pressing time.


We hid from the rain by ducking in and out of shops before heading to The Mesmerist for a late afternoon drink. Pint for G, lime and soda for me (£5.85 total, he paid).

We went on to The Ivy in the Lanes for dinner. We arrived an hour earlier than our evening reservation and had drinks at the bar. G had already put a bit extra into the joint account as he was having alcohol and I wasn’t. The iced tea was delicious, FYI.

Seated in a cosy corner booth, we enjoyed mains and puddings. We could have easily ordered starters too but had to draw the spending line somewhere!

In total the bill came to £105.08, including a 12.5% service charge (£11.68). Paid from the joint account.

£42.80 (my half)

Food and drink total: £46.53

The luxurious Ladies toilets at The Ivy in the Lanes
Those fancy toilets


That morning I got a £10 book token as a birthday present from my auntie and uncle, so I checked out the buy one get one half price paperbacks in Waterstones. I chose Clock Dance by Anne Tyler and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green. I paid the rest in cash using some birthday money from my Nanny (grandmother).


Conversation with my husband.

Priceless (sorry)

Entertainment total: £2.98


I tried on a couple of bits in Oxfam and came away with a grey Urban Outfitters men’s jumper that fit me nicely. I’d been wanting to get another cosy jumper that I could wear at work or weekends and I’m trying to look at second-hand before buying new.

£5.99 (probably £30-40 originally)

I hadn’t brought a tote bag in my main bag that day, so I paid 10p for a bag for life.

Clothing total: £6.09


I saw things I liked in Habitat and Oliver Bonas, but the debit card stayed safely in my bag.

I also picked up some Ibuprofen and cold and flu tablets in Boots.


Other total: £1.29

Total daily spend: £56.89


This was a treat day I really appreciated. We tried two places new to us and had a delicious meal. The day reflected some of our regular habits, like saving meals out for special occasions and preferring to split costs fairly.

Would you have spent any differently? Do you have other Brighton recommendations? Let me know over on Instagram.