What’s the point of an arts degree?

Minimal work space - Creative flat lay photo of workspace desk with sketchbook and wooden pencil on copy space green and blue pastel background. Top view , flat lay photography.

Five years ago I was a fresher studying English and History at the University of Southampton. Now I’m halfway through a part-time MA in Cultural Management at King’s College London. I’ve gone from the Brontës to business plans.

Would I make the same choices again?

Yes, absolutely. Arts education can be incredibly interesting and rewarding.

During the summer I asked a few friends and contacts to share their perspectives on the value of studying for an arts or humanities degree.

Here are four key benefits:

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Supporting refugees: then and now

I was recently asked by the British Association for Jewish Studies to write a piece for their newsletter on my dissertation and what I have been up to since graduation. Having pursued interests in the historical and literary representations of gender, culture, social action and the Holocaust throughout my degree, my final year research focused on the ways in which women in Britain supported Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. What follows is a summary of my findings and some thoughts on the current refugee crisis.

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